Why regular AC Service Cleaning and Disinfection is important especially for homes and offices in Dubai and the U.A.E.?

We BREATHE more than we DRINK

Did you know that while we drink an average of 8 liters of water a day, we breathe in 11,000 liters of air at the same amount of time! Now think about it, if you live in the Gulf Region, you would probably be staying about 80% of the time inside an Air Conditioned place - but do you have any idea what is inside an AC system and Ducts before it even gets to your lungs?

Here are a few reasons why you should have your home or office AC duct Cleaned and Disinfected:

  • In a region like Dubai, UAE, particles of dusts are constantly blown through the air and into your home or office AC system. Dust particles accumulate rapidly in your ducts and usually settles there due to the moist surface brought about by condensing air.

  • Moisture from the air condenses in the Evaporator unitt of your AC system and ducting, while the dust that gets blown with it sticks to the surfaces creating a breeding ground for moulds.

  • AC drainage trays located just beneath the evaporator unit is usually the most ignored part of the AC. Stagnant water collected in the tray can produce moulds within 48 hours and is usually the cause of bad smells from the AC system.

  • When evaporator coils are not properly cleaned and disinfected, it can cause resistance or blockage causing the poor performance of your AC system. If the air passages are blocked, the motor will have to work twice as hard to get the room filled with cooler air.

  • When AC systems are not cleaned regularly it will not be able to dehumidify the air properly. This will result in a high relative humidity in the room. high relative humidity can cause serious heath issues like trigger asthma and other allergic reactions.

Since 2009, Saniservice has been Dubai's leading AC Service, Cleaning and Disinfection Company catering to both residential and corporate clients. As a Swiss managed company, Saniservice takes AC Duct Cleaning and Disinfection to a whole new level with its highly trained technicians, state of the art equipment, the use of a Swiss Patented Bio Sanitizer and its Customer Centered service.

Why Trust Saniservice?

"Saniservice is the Rolls Royce of AC Cleaning..."

Sandra M.

The Greens, Dubai

Saniservice prides itself as the very first company to be given the "Disinfection" trade category in Dubai in 2009.


Saniservice has a distinct and orderly work flow regimen that starts from the "always on time" arrival of the service team, to the organized unloading, the preparation of the workplace, to the actual cleaning and disinfection, to the cleaning up and leaving your place better than when they came. Technicians come presentable with custom tailored coveralls and shined shoes! Service cars are washed daily, even tires are cleaned daily!


Saniservice is comitted to delivering the first class service never before seen in Dubai and the whole of the UAE. Saniservice never compromises quality.

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What our customers are saying?

  • I am thoroughly impressed with your company. The whole process was fantastic and a breathe of fresh air! ...

    Natasha L., Jumeirah Golf Estate

  • I have to admit, I am extremely pleased with the service you provided us, the professionalism and disciplined manners of the Saniservice team was trully an example ...

    Amr F., Meadows

  • Your team has just left my apartment in Dubai marina. I wanted to take the time to let you know that I am extremely impressed with your service all around. the team arrived before 9am this morning and only left just before 7pm. They left everything in perfect order and they are also extremely knowledgable. Thank you for your professionalism all around - this is very rare in Dubai. Many thanks!

    Kim J., Dubai Marina

  • The photos you gave an immediate impression of the state of the aircon. Your quotation came very quickly after your visit. Your people are punctual and are very well dressed. The quality control was real a quality control and not a sales pitch...

    Uta L., Arabian Ranches

  • Thank you for the great job! The standard of your service provided has fully met our expectations! We did not think that a job could ever be done that perfect in Dubai!

    Claudia S., Arabian Ranches

Free AC Inspection

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AC Service in Dubai

When we say AC SERVICE, we usually think its all about the mechanical maintenance of the AC System.  In most cases, people would only require an AC service when their system has bogged down and stopped working.  Or when a loud noise has started to manifest, or when the AC system has stopped giving cool air. 

One never really considers an AC service in between.  But if you are living in Dubai, this could be a costly mistake!

This is because within 3 months of continuous operation, your AC system can accumulate large amount of allergens that are harmful to your health!  Imagine the long and winding AC ducts running through your ceiling, these places are beyond the reach of your feather duster!  You would need specialized equipment to totally clean these spaces.  But more importantly, you need to disinfect it!  But ordinary chemical disinfectant that claims to kill molds and bacteria can be dangerous.  You need to use an eco friendly bio sanitizer that won’t affect your health in an adverse manner.

This is where Saniservice specializes.  Saniservice is Dubai’s leading AC Service Company that focuses on AC Duct Cleaning and Disinfection since 2009!  Call 800-SANI today of fill up the form above and get a free inspection with a comprehensive report today!



Top 5 Reasons To Go For Routine Air Condition Service


The hot and humid climate of Dubai makes it imperative to have air conditioning units in homes and commercial buildings. Good quality units keep the interiors cool and pleasant and let you carry your routine chores in a comfortable manner. But simply installing an air conditioning unit is not enough. If you want the unit to perform efficiently and effectively, you must not ignore routine air condition service.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you must avail routine air conditioning service:

  1. Improve the efficiency of your air conditioning unit-Due to regular use, the air filters in your air conditioning unit get clogged and dirty. Dirt and debris accumulate inside the filters which affects its usual performance and efficiency. Dirty air filters can contaminate the air inside the room too. Dirt, dust and bacteria can find way inside the room. AC service providers check other moving parts of your ac too and ensure that they are in proper condition. Routine maintenance keeps your air conditioning unit running smoothly and efficiently.


  1. Add to the longevity and life span of your unit-If you own ac and you do not bother about its regular maintenance and service, you ac may stop working suddenly one day without any warning signs. Routine air condition service plays a very important role in enhancing the lifespan of the unit. When you call over professionals, they clean the air filters, service the vents, ducts, and coils and clean those parts of your air conditioning unit too that are not easily visible. Just like routine service and maintenance of your car helps add to the engine life and improves the mileage, regular ac service improves the life span of the ac and lets you get the most out of your investment.
  1. Improve the quality of indoor air-Not getting your ac serviced on a regular basis may pose serious health hazards to you and to your family. Clogged air filters and vents and ducts in your ac are the ideal breeding ground for allergens, dust mites, dirt, dust, and other pollutants. If you or someone in your home is suffering from asthma, or any other allergy, the health risk may go up if you neglect ac service. Dirty air filters and clogged ac ducts and vents may trigger cold, cough, sneezing, headache, sinus irritation, and asthma attacks. Call over professional ac cleaning companies to ensure that the indoor air is neat and clean and healthy to breathe in.


  1. Cut down your energy bills-You may not realise but your air conditioning unit may consume a lot of energy if it is not serviced. This is because when the vents and ducts are dirty, they have to work really hard and use a lot of energy to cool the interiors of your room. When you get your unit serviced, the dirty filters and ducts would be cleaned so as to allow air to flow through them smoothly. You can cut down your energy bill considerably by getting your air conditioning unit serviced and maintained.
  1. Avoid expensive repairs and replacements-Do you want your ac to stop working abruptly amidst awfully hot weather? Can you afford to spend on costly repairs in the middle of a month? What would you do if you have no option but to purchase a new replacement unit? To avoid such circumstances, you must maintain your ac regularly. Regular air condition service and ac cleaning won’t cost you much. You can save a lot on expensive repairs and costly replacements by spending nominal amount of ac cleaning and service.


Though there are many ac companies in Dubai, to enjoy the best air condition service, visit www.saniservice.com The company has been offering reliable, efficient, and effective ac cleaning services at competitive rates for many years.



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How to Ensure a Thorough AC Service in Dubai


If you decide to hire a professional Dubai AC Service company, there are things you should expect from its service. These should be satisfied to guarantee you had your money’s worth.

First, ensure you are getting the best AC service Dubai can offer by checking if the business has the proper license, good track record, and that it doesn’t use hazardous chemical agents.

Second, the duct cleaning team should have accessed all ports and doors to clean the whole AC system, not only the duct work but also the other components like coils, humidifiers, drain pans and fans. After the procedure, the team should be able to show that all these parts are spotless.

Third, the service provider should check if there are materials that contain asbestos in the system before cleaning it. Asbestos fibers produced when asbestos is disturbed in materials like insulation and register boots can cause illnesses if inhaled. If asbestos is present on some of the parts, the duct cleaners should be fully equipped and trained to handle it.

Fourth, if you’re hiring a duct cleaning team that uses vacuum equipment, make sure that its vacuum cleaner exhausts all the dirt outside your home. Along with vacuum cleaning, the team should dislodge dust and debris through well-controlled brushing of the surfaces. When cleaning sheet metal ducts and fiberglass duct, the cleaners should use soft-bristled brushes.

Fifth, the service provider should be clean and tidy. It should be very cautious with the duct work and it should take measures to protect your carpet and other furnishing while at work.

Sixth, ensure a thorough AC service and cleaning was done by inspecting for any visible dirt in the cooling components, plenum, metal ducts, air vents, and blower. There should be no damage on fiber glass materials and no air leakage through covers when the unit is running. And of course, the AC system should be working properly after it is cleaned.


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