What is AC Sanitization

What is AC Sanitization?

What is AC Sanitization

The air circulating inside your home is teeming with bacteria and germs that can cause harmful effects in your health. Pay special attention to your ac system during winter. Ducts, filters, and coils comprising your ac unit, should undergo proper ac sanitization. It is not just about keeping your ac clean, but also disinfecting and sanitizing it for better protection.

Here are a few things you should know about when choosing an Ac sanitization company.

What is the difference between Cleaning, Disinfecting & Sanitizing AC units?

Before you even decide to disinfect and clean your AC ducts, you need to know and be able to differentiate the three different concepts:

  • Cleaning removes solid matter such as dirt, dust, and grime from inside the AC ducts. Your ac duct can be filled with molds and dirt that can affect the quality of air your ac dispenses. This is the primary cause of allergy.
  • Disinfection is the process of applying a disinfectant or an agent that basically kills germs and bacteria upon contact. This is applied on surfaces of your ac ducts. By doing so, you can avoid health problems such as allergies, asthma, and viruses like COVID-19. Disinfectants kill 99.999% bacteria, viruses, and fungi on surfaces within at least minutes of contact time.


  • Sanitization simply reduces the amount of bacteria, germs, and other microorganisms in addition to removing dirt and debris in the ducts.

How is proper AC sanitization done?

The process depends on the ac sanitization company. However, most disinfection companies use a fogging method. This turns the disinfectant into a fine mist that ensures the surface is evenly coated.

This process is called aerosolization. Disinfectants must be registered under EPA guidelines and even local guidelines. Disinfectants that are chemical-free and proven safe for humans are advised, especially for home use, medical or healthcare industries.

After cleaning your Air Conditioning Unit, is it advisable to sanitize ac ducts?

Regular ac cleaning and sanitization should be done frequently. Most of the time, cleaning is most important.

Here are signs you should definitely disinfect your ac system:

  • When in an enclosed space like your home or office, you are experiencing health concerns and problems such as asthma allergies, even tuberculosis, or other diseases that are transmitted through airborne droplets.
  • You live with your pets in the house. Pet dander can also trigger allergies and asthma.
  • You notice that ther is an unpleasant odor or smell when you turn on your AC unit.
  • You have experienced water leaks / water damage in your air duct system.
  • You see mold, bacteria, viruses, and fungi are present in your ac ducts. Molds usually cause bad smell.

How Often Should I sanitize my Air Ducts?

Disinfection lasts for about 6 months. After that, you may need to schedule another AC checkup to see if your ac unit is working properly and is still clean and crisp. If within 6 months you experience any of the above cases, then you should definitely opt for another AC sanitization. By doing so, you are preventing contagious illnesses and observing precautionary measure.

Is AC disinfection and sanitization Safe?

This largely depends on the type of disinfectant used and if the desired quantity is applied correctly. Experienced ac disinfection service companies employ ac technicians who are well versed in all kinds of ac systems. Check if the disinfectant is EPA approved, chemical-free and proven safe for humans and even your pets.