FAQS About AC Disinfection of Cars

5 FAQS About AC Disinfection of Cars

FAQS About AC Disinfection of Cars

Why is it Essential to Disinfect your Car’s Air Conditioning System?

There are a lot of reasons why you need to carefully disinfect your car’s ac system. It eliminates germs, fungi, and spores inside the vehicle, and even foul smell. These microbes can cause diseases and spread them. Cars are compact spaces where air is shared by at least 4 people inside. Thus, viruses can be more contagious.

When is the perfect time to perform ac disinfection of your car?

  • After buying a used car, you should have it disinfected first.
  • Ensure that before buying a new car, you should also have the ac system disinfected.
  • AC Disinfection not only cleans your car’s ac system but also eliminates germs, fungi, bacteria, and viruses.
  • Effective ac disinfection also removes dust mites, pollens, and allergens.
  • AC disinfection also prevents mold buildup in the car. Hence, one should do it regularly.
  • If you have a fleet or cars, or operate several cars for public transportation, regular ac deep cleaning can be done at least once a month or when changing drivers.


We have listed some of the most asked questions and answers about car disinfection.

  1. How long will the car AC disinfection spray last? Is it effective?

Always remember that regular maintenance of your car is important. Whether it be cleaning & disinfecting, painting, or making sure the car’s engine is running without fail. When using a spray disinfectant, always follow the storage conditions indicated.

This is also the same case as with all other commercial disinfectants that can be bought in the store. When unused or unopened, the disinfectant spray can be used for a duration of 12 months. Either way, reading the product label is advised. Once opened, the disinfectant can be used for 6 months maximum.

The effectivity of a car spray disinfectant greatly depends on the user, as surfaces can be easily re-contaminated unless treated with specific care. However, most disinfectants kill germs and viruses for up to 99.9999% efficacy. This should also be indicated in the product label. Instructions should be carefully followed or else it will lose its effectivity.

For disinfection to be effective, surfaces must be cleaned first. Dirt and grime must be removed, then the disinfectant can be sprayed as prescribed by the manufacturer.

  1. Can I use any type of AC compressor?

Yes, you can use any type of AC compressor. Oil-free compressors are advised. But when using normal compressors, a reliable oil trap and filter should be used.

The following conditions must also be met.

  • Compressed air is clean if it is free from rust, oil content, or condensate.
  • Remember that even the presence (no matter how small) of these particles can render the ac disinfection spray ineffective.
  • A supply quantity of less than 100 Liters per minute is suggested. Nonetheless, follow the instruction in the label.
  • Pressure should be set at 3 bar
  • The compressor must be able to operate continuously to an adequate extent.
  1. Where can I carry out AC compression of my car?

AC compression should be done in well-ventilated rooms or even outdoors. Avoid direct sunlight and temperatures of more than 25 degrees Celsius.

  1. Which places or areas should I focus on when doing my car’s ac disinfection?

Focus on the cabin air filter. This should be removed before disinfection and then replaced with a new one after disinfection. The spray should be applied directly into the air intake ducts to ensure adequate distribution throughout the air conditioning system. Follow the car’s manual of instructions when performing ac disinfection. As mentioned previously, vehicle should be cleaned thoroughly before you disinfect it. Check the material of the car surfaces (inside) if the disinfectant is compatible with it, to ensure no damage will be done.

  1. How much AC disinfection spray should I apply?

The following are suggested consumption rates for air-conditioning cleaners:

  • Small car: application time 5 minutes; consumption 70 ml
  • Mid-range car: application time 10 minutes; consumption 100 ml
  • Van/SUV/minibus: application time 12 minutes; consumption 120 ml
  1. Can I hire AC cleaning company to disinfect my car’s ac system?

AC cleaning companies usually perform residential or corporate ac cleaning. However, they can perform a general disinfection of your car not through spray but through fogging. This turns the liquid spray into a fine mist, reaching even the crannies of your car even cleaning cannot reach.