// How it spread

How Covid-19 Spread

The Coronavirus is a respiratory virus which spreads mainly through droplets formed when an infected person coughs or sneezes. It is highly infectious and can be transmitted through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose.

  • Travelling

    Travelling can expose you to a lot of risk. Stay at home until further notice.

  • Human Contact

    The virus can be transmitted through human contact. Maintain social distance.

  • Contaminated Objects

    Coronavirus can survive in surfaces for up to 9 hours. Avoid touching objects especially in public places.

//stay informed


Dubai has implemented very strict measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus that causes the COVID-19 disease. It has made information readily available to its residents through its national news service.

Everyone should stay informed by following the federal authorities news sites or by following Saniservice’s social media where we announce and amplify messages from the government plus useful resources that may be useful during this difficult period.

Stay informed with the latest COVID-19 news and updates by visiting Saniservice COVID19 page HERE.

Worldwide Cases






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Stay Home,Stay safe



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// Symptoms

Coronavirus Symptoms

Be aware of these COVID-19 symptoms and check with your local health authorities for the latest advice on seeking medical assistance.

High Fever


aches and pains




shortness of breath


Sore Throat




// Prevention

Coronavirus Prevention

Observe these prevention practices anywhere you go.

Use mask outside


Wash hand Properly


Stay Healthy


Avoid Crowded Places


Avoid Touching Your Face/h4>


Stay at Home


// Why Saniservice

Our COVID-19 Disinfections

We use Swiss-patented, 100% Chemical-Free disinfectants that are also eco-friendly and sustainable. Our disinfectants are proven effective in killing 99.9999% of viruses and bacteria, leaving your office safe and virus-free.

  • Benefits of our COVID-19 Disinfection Services

    Our disinfectants are certified human-grade. This means it is totally safe for humans and even pets. No waiting hours needed. Right after the disinfection process, you can occupy the room without worrying about how it can affect your health.

  • The Swiss Concept of Disinfection

    We follow the highest standards when it comes to disinfection. Our Swiss concept is our trademark at Saniservice. We go above and beyond to deliver quality service to our commercial clients.


corporate disinfection

We have developed protocols that have been proven to be effective against any type of pathogens from the common flu, to Norovirus, MRSA, H1N1 and the latest Coronavirus. We offer different disinfection protocols for different situations to make sure that you get 100% total disinfection!

Steam Disinfection

SaniSteam utilizes high-pressure steam to disinfect your workplace. Steam has the ability to go deeper into the surface of your office sofa, upholstery, and more, leaving no virus behind.

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Hospital-Grade Fogging

We prevent the growth of viruses with our cutting-edge fogging machine that turns our chemical-free disinfectant into a fine mist, reaching all corners and keeps clean air running through your office’s AC system.

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Advanced Electrostatic Spray Technology

Sani360 offers a full surface disinfection using a safe, chemical-free disinfectant. The disinfectant is a negatively charged electrostatic solution which envelopes the whole surface regardless of its shape or form.

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