The Do’s and Don’ts of AC Cleaning in Dubai

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AC Cleaning



Dubai, with its glitz and glamour, tends to be heavy on the pocket for many of its residents. And with a rise in bills as it is, nobody wants to deal with the hassles that come with inefficient air conditioning systems. Truth be told, it is not the AC unit that is inefficient, but the fact that it has been thriving on neglect that has made it perform poorly. If you find yourself dealing with the unfavorable performance of your AC unit, it is high time you get yourself familiarized with AC Cleaning in Dubai and let the professionals delve into the process of AC disinfection.

Importance of AC cleaning in Dubai

Even with so many people living in Dubai for a fair amount of time, the importance of AC disinfection isn’t known to many. Dubai’s overall atmosphere tends to trigger a vast number of respiratory illnesses, and while the proper medication is prescribed, precautions like AC Cleaning and disinfection and an elaborate service of AC units all around are also highly advisable. Some might find it hard to believe, but about 14 percent of UAE residents are known to suffer from asthma and allergic rhinitis, and Dubai holds a majority of these cases. The absence of AC Cleaning in your life leads to the severity of these illnesses, and generally an uncomfortable vibe to deal with. Medicine specialists like Dr. Jimmy Joseph have also reported how the rise in flu cases can be countered by proper AC cleaning procedures and getting AC units serviced in-and-out, as these are considered as problem areas where allergens and bacteria amass and thrive.

How to do AC Cleaning in Dubai?

Carrying out the whole process of AC disinfection all alone can be a tiresome chore for many residents, hence, the advent of proper AC cleaning companies in Dubai. You can either take the day off and get down to business (and by business, we mean cleaning the whole thing up), or you can shell out some money and hire a reliable AC Cleaning Company. If you’re someone who is inclined towards the former, there are many ways to go about it. And all’s well if you keep a few points in check, like:

  • Turn off all power points that the AC unit is plugged into, to avoid any unfortunate electricity-related mishaps. And if it’s feasible, try turning it off at the circuit board as well.
  • Clean the condenser coils. To do so, you will be required to remove the outer casing and find the coils located inside. Using a stiff brush or a duster, wipe away any and all dirt and dust that’s building up.
  • Remove and clean the filters, which are the mesh panels situated inside the indoor AC unit. They tend to gather dirt more and faster than other components of an AC unit, and require frequent cleaning, even if servicing the rest of the components isn’t required.
  • Clean the fan coil, which is also situated inside the indoor unit and revolves around blowing cool air out of the unit. Once you’ve found it, carefully spray a cleaning solution on it and rinse it off with warm water after a few minutes.
  • Carefully spray a specialized anti-bacterial solution onto the clean components of your AC unit. This step isn’t mandatory but is highly recommended to maintain the longevity of the unit.

Once you’re done with the outward and somewhat inward cleaning, it is time to call the AC cleaning — professionals, as they will understand the technicalities and damages, and will carry out specialized services with their personalized tools. They will also detect any problem areas and will offer proper methods to counteract all of the persisting AC issues.

Checkpoints – Do’s and Don’ts of AC Cleaning in Dubai

Once it is apparent how you have to carry out the whole process of AC cleaning, which needs to be scheduled regularly, there are a few key points that need to be considered for AC disinfection. Here are some comprehensive do’s and don’ts that you need to incorporate and avoid, which will help you tremendously & aid with the entire cleaning procedure.

Do – call AC Cleaning Professionals

Although a lot of home maintenance enthusiasts tend to tackle cleaning matters all by themselves, AC disinfection isn’t always something you can efficiently do. Hence, it is highly recommended to consult professionals that specialize in the field of AC cleaning, pertaining to Dubai’s lifestyle. Sanitization companies like Saniservice offer their services round the clock, and their trained professionals are equipped with techniques and strategies to spot problem areas and fix them quicker than an average homeowner.

Do – check the thermostat

In order to get the best out of your AC unit, a thorough inspection of the thermostat is essential. It is crucial to invest in good quality, properly computed, and operative thermostat. One of the major reasons why air conditioning units do not perform efficiently is because of a faulty or broken thermostat. Also, if your thermostat is outdated, it is advised to get it changed to a newer, digital version. Moreover, even if there is a minor glitch in the functioning of your thermostat, the AC unit will end up overworking, and will unnecessarily add to the bills and energy wastage.

Do – proper AC maintenance

One thing is for certain that routine maintenance of your electrical appliances is necessary, especially when it comes to ACs. The whole troupe behind AC Cleaning is familiar with how the city needs constant AC disinfection whole year round, and for this purpose, companies like Saniservice are always at your service to cater to your AC maintenance needs. Regular maintenance will not only enhance the durability of the AC unit and prevent impending malfunctioning, but it will also reduce the hassles associated with monthly electricity bills.

Do – clean minor AC Components

While you are advised to leave the vital parts of cleaning to the professionals, there is no harm in dusting and cleaning out other parts of the AC unit yourself. This can prove to be a treat for all those looking for a DIY approach in this matter, as AC disinfection has a lot going on that is overall a collective effort. Duct cleaning isn’t a piece of cake, but filters, condenser coils, panel doors, and everything else that you can lay your hands on should be diligently cleansed. Even if you don’t feel like getting your hands dirty, you can always call the AC cleaning specialists to do the job for you.

Do – check refrigerant levels

An annual or bi-annual maintenance is not only crucial for cleaning purposes but in fact, it is necessary to keep a check on the refrigerant levels of the AC as well. Unsuitable refrigerant load tends to damage the compressor, without which an AC unit will fail to function entirely, let alone properly. Furthermore, a damaged compressor also majorly contributes to a rise in electricity bills and lead to a complete system breakdown.

Don’t – Keep it too cold

If luckily you have a properly functioning thermostat, be mindful of keeping it at an appropriate temperature. In other words, keep it between 72 to 74-degree Fahrenheit to maintain an overall air efficiency around the house, and don’t let it run too cold or too hot.

Don’t – use extension cords

The use of extension cords to power the unit is highly questionable, as their power isn’t strong enough and meddles with the proper voltage. They will also tend to overwork the AC unit, making it yield unfavorable output and the need for frequent servicing.

Don’t – Block AC Vents 

We understand the appeal of just stacking things up without a care in the world, but be careful not to place anything over or around vents that are responsible for air flow. Blocked vents will again lead to overworking of the unit, and an inefficient AC Output which we’re sure nobody wants.

Don’t – neglect outdoor AC components

Try to avoid an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ strategy here, and take just as much care of the outdoor components, as you are advised to keep off the indoor unit. Qualified & Certified technicians will make sure your outdoor components aren’t surrounded by any kind of dirt or debris or materials like furniture and equipment.

Don’t – use improper mounting systems

AC cleaning in Dubai not only warrants you to focus on the cleansing of the AC Ducts, but it also highlights the importance of proper mounting of the AC unit. A proper mounting system does not involve wood or bricks, and trained professionals will take of the dilemma if your setup isn’t secure enough.


Rest assured, this all-inclusive guide on do’s and don’ts will certainly help whenever you need an AC disinfection and cleaning to be done. And now that you’ve got the lowdown on all that AC cleaning in Dubai entails, there should be nothing stopping you from hitting up technicians that are the best in the game. Therefore, without further ado, Contact Saniservice, and let them take care of all that your AC unit needs to function smoothly and seamlessly. By doing so, you will not only be preventing further health issues but also achieving the possibility of a convenient and comfortable lifestyle in a city as industrious as Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions About AC Duct Cleaning

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I am sure that you have a lot of questions related to AC Cleaning & Duct Cleaning. Below mentioned are some of the related Frequently Asked Questions. Let’s look into it.

Duct Cleaning Dubai

  1. What Exactly is Air Duct Cleaning?

A professional Air Duct Cleaning involves cleaning up your ducts. These Ducts act as pathways for cooling, heating and ventilation inside homes and offices. Overtime, these pathways may develop dust, carcinogens, allergens and mold. As you know that an average person spends more than 90% of his time indoors and this indoor air can be 8 times more harmful than the outdoor air, according to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Therefore, it becomes important that the air that he/she breathes is free of any allergens. A professional AC Duct Cleaning company uses specialized equipment and trained technicians to thoroughly clean these AC Ducts so that you can have clean and pure air to breathe all the time. It becomes more important to get AC Cleaning & Disinfection service done, if there’s someone in your family who’s hyper allergic to dust, pet dander and other related pollutants.

  1. Do I really need AC Duct Cleaning?

A simple answer is yes, you do. Let me ask you a simple question. When was the last time you had your AC Ducts inspected for any signs of mold, dust, contaminants & other allergens? Exactly! Your Ducts can be a breeding ground for so many allergens and pathogens. Only by proper AC Duct Cleaning can you be 100% sure that the AC Air coming into your homes via these vents is pure and breathable. Also the other part of this jigsaw is your AC Filters, & whether they are clean or not. But most often than not, its your ducts that need cleaning.

If you need more convincing, here’s an article –  “6 Reasons To Get AC Duct Cleaning Done” , you’d like to read which explains 6 reasons to have AC Duct Cleaning done.

  1. Are there any health benefits associated with Air Vent Cleaning?

There’s a lot of debate among the community as far as the health benefits of Duct Cleaning are concerned, but it sure should be considered as one of the components in your overall plan to improve the indoor air quality of your homes and offices. There’s no doubt that dust, fungi, mold, bacteria and other contaminants may collect overtime inside the ducts, thereby, creating a hostile air to breathe in. This becomes even more important if there are humans prone to get sick due to polluted air like small children and old people. We, therefore, suggest that you get your ducts inspected at least once a year and get a professional duct cleaning service done in order to keep the indoor air quality healthy.

  1. How do I tell if the AC Cleaning & Duct Cleaning service was effective or not?

Good question! A professional Duct Cleaning company should be able to provide you before and after pictures or videos of your ducts after the service is performed. You can also monitor the condition of your duct with the help of a flashlight and a mirror. But the most effective way would be to take the assistance of a professional company as they have specialized tools to inspect the ducts and most companies would gladly perform a Free Duct Cleaning inspection for you, if you plan to take the service in the near future.

Just be cautious while inspecting the ducts yourself, as there might be mold and other allergens inside the ducts which, under direct contact, may prove hazardous to the person performing the inspection. Make sure you wear gloves and a quality mask before embarking on duct inspection yourself. But as the old adage goes, it’s best to keep it with the professionals!

  1. How often should I get my AC Cleaning done?

The exact answer to this question really depends upon a multitude of factors including the preference of the home or office owner. On an average, you should get your AC’s and ducts inspected at least once a year.

Some of the factors which may decide the frequency of AC Cleaning are

  • Number of smokers inside the house
  • Number of pets and the quantity of pet dander
  • If the house has underwent recent remodeling/renovation
  • Number of allergic family members (i.e. those people who are more prone to dust/mold/contaminant allergy). If there are hyper sensitive family members, the frequency of AC Cleaning would, obviously , has to be increased.
  • Effectiveness of kitchen chimney or exhaust fans and the quantity & the type of food cooked inside the kitchen.
  • Recent damage to the AC Filtration system which led to damage or breakdown of the system.
  • Houses/buildings where the AC’s have been switched off for quite some time.
  • Any signs of mold or related pathogens.

In addition to these factors, you should make sure that you get your AC Cleaning inspection done, if you’re moving into a new property. Remember, when it comes to the health of your loved ones, you can never be too cautious.

  1. Is there a difference between Residential AC duct cleaning and Commercial AC Duct Cleaning?

Of course there is a huge difference. Residential AC Ducts are smaller as compared to Commercial AC Ducts. Commercial building employ HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning) system which are much powerful and advanced than usual residential systems. Residential AC Cleaning involves fewer technicians whereas commercial AC Cleaning might involve a lot of technicians depending upon the size of the company. Some Duct cleaning companies may even employ different equipment for both these cleaning jobs. There might also be a difference in the frequency of AC & Duct Cleaning for commercial and residential properties. But the bottom line remains the same – the air coming out of the vents should be completely healthy and breathable.

  1. What criteria should I employ while choosing a Professional Duct Cleaning Company?

Another Excellent question! How you choose your AC & Duct Cleaning company will largely depend upon your budget, area and scope of cleaning work required. Here we have listed some factors which should better equip you in choosing an AC Duct Cleaning Company for your home or office

  • Make sure the company has proper approvals like NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association), NAFA (National Air Filter Association) along with local authority approvals like municipality and other relevant government organizations. These approvals should act as a trust vote in taking your final decision.
  • Check if the company has enough experience in the field of AC Cleaning & Disinfection.
  • Ask your neighbors, friends and work colleagues about their recommendations for a good AC Cleaning company that they might know of.
  • Avoid “cheap price” gimmicks. AC Duct cleaning is a complex process which involves several health benefits. Do not compromise on the quality whilst looking to save a buck or two.
  • Ask as many questions regarding the AC Service to the company as possible. Remember, there are no dumb questions. A Professional AC Duct Cleaning Company’s technicians would be fully equipped to answer all your questions and queries.
  • Go online and compare company reviews and prices. You can also find some helpful forums where people have shared their experiences.
  • Get in touch with companies which operate in your area. There’s no point in calling a company which doesn’t perform frequent service in your area. The main disadvantage would be calling them again to your premises and, if any issue/problem arises not to mention the additional costs that you might incur if the company agrees to come to you again.
  • Ask the company about the after service follow-up. Many companies think that their job is done once the service is performed and most do not even think of going back regarding any issue unless they are paid again. Make sure you discuss with your service provider regarding any such scenarios.
  • Ask the Company regarding the equipment and chemicals they employ while performing the AC Duct Cleaning Services and how much experience they have servicing AC Systems similar to yours. If a company uses toxic chemicals, then it simply makes the AC Cleaning redundant as the chemicals might cause more damage.
  • Ask the company about the cleanup process as the AC Cleaning & Duct Cleaning process might leave mess around your home and offices. A Professional AC Cleaning Company should use covers to minimize dirt as much as possible and clean up and restore the whole environment like they found it when they started the service.
  • You should also ask about any potential wear and tear to your furniture, paint, duct grills, electrical system that may occur during the service.

Now that’s a long list of criteria in selecting the Best Duct Cleaning Company and we hope that you are now better equipped to make an informed decision.

  1. What is the price of AC Cleaning in Dubai & UAE?

There’s no specific answer for this question, as you can clearly understand. It totally depends upon the size of your ducts, scope of work required, no. of technicians to be employed and the type of technology used in the Service. There can also be a huge difference between the service prices among various companies. Make sure you compare prices and ask appropriate questions to the company before confirming your service.

Customers should beware of the “blower and vacuum” companies as they would just come, plugin the blower and blast some air inside the ducts and term it as a service. Also be aware of the sweeping and tall claims made by some companies as many such claims are totally unsubstantiated. Do not fall prey to their gimmick.

The Cheapest AC Service might not be the best one for you. Make sure you consider the pros and cons before confirming your AC service provider.

  1. My AC Cleaning Company says that Duct Cleaning reduces my energy bills. Is it true?

Some research has confirmed that HVAC Cleaning may allow the system to run more efficiently as the debris, mold and dust has been cleaned out from the vents. Clean systems are more efficient and are less likely to break down than improperly maintained AC & HVAC Systems. This increases the life span of the system and may in the longer run help you save some money as well. Also if the ducts are clean, the ACs do not have to run at full blast to cool the environment, thereby, reducing the energy bills as well.

  1. Should I choose only NADCA member to clean my HVAC system?

Definitely, as all NADCA members sign an ethical code of conduct which states that they will do everything possible to protect the consumer and follow the NADCA standard guidelines to the best of their ability. To get NADCA approval, the companies must meet strict NADCA requirements and procedures. They also have to keep working efficiently and regularly to maintain their NADCA member status in the future. Therefore, it is best if you choose a company that is accredited by the NADCA standards.

  1. How long does it take to get the HVAC system cleaned and do I need to be away during the cleaning?

Again, there’s no single answer for this query. The amount of time totally depends upon the size of Air Vents to be cleaned and the AC System. Generally the service takes anywhere between 2-5 hours for 2 technicians to clean a standard sized apartment (approx.. 2000 sq. ft.). In most cases you do not need to be away as the service is being performed. Also, if there’s someone in your family who’s allergic to dust and other pollutants that may be present inside the ducts, it’s best that they stay away during the cleaning process but your service company should be better equipped to answer all these questions for you.

  1. What are the other benefits of Duct Cleaning ?

The benefits of Duct Cleaning are manifold, if you choose to employ a quality Duct Cleaning Service.

  • Healthier breathing : As you already know, duct cleaning removes the dust particles, pet dander and other dangerous air particles like mold, fungus, smoke particles etc which can cause severe breathing issues among the inhabitants. Duct cleaning becomes even more important if there are senior citizens and children in the house with allergies or respiratory issues.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality: After the Duct Cleaning Service, there’s a considerable increase in the indoor air quality index of your homes and offices. You can get your indoor air checked and then compare the statistics before and after the service to make sure that your service was done properly and efficiently.
  • Clean Home Interiors: The dust particles cleaned during this process normally settle onto the furniture and other surfaces. With less dust, these surfaces would remain clean more often than not and would have to be cleaned less often.
  • Better Health: Health issues like sore eyes, headache, frequent flu, fatigue may also be related to dirty ducts. These may well be good indicators to get duct cleaning. You’ll remain healthy if you breathe healthier air.
  • Increased the AC Efficiency: Your AC will be more efficient and have less breakdowns as the pathway which delivers the AC air (ac vents) is clear. This might even help save your some money in the long run.

If you’re convinced that you need the Best AC Duct Cleaning in Dubai or the UAE, give Saniservice a call at 800-SANI(7264) today or visit

6 Reasons to get AC Duct Cleaning done

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Have you ever wondered if you really require AC Duct Cleaning to be done for your home or office? Are you skeptical regarding the tall claims by duct cleaning companies regarding the health of your AC Ducts and if dirty ducts can really make you sick? Well keep on reading this post to find out the pros and cons of AC Duct Cleaning in Dubai.

Well you are not alone, many people wonder if AC Duct cleaning is actually necessary or not and many more even ignore their air conditioning system entirely and only when an actual problem arises do they pay any heed to their heating or cooling systems. First of all, you should get your AC checked periodically to make sure it is always running at an optimal level.

It becomes even more important in high temperature zones like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Middle East etc as AC Systems normally run through out the year and are a part of day to day life activities of its citizens. All these areas are also prone to regular dust storms, winds etc which take a toll on the air inside your homes. If you add dirty AC air in the mix, the repercussions could be catastrophic to say the least.

If you are still not convinced that you need to get your AC Ducts inspected and cleaned, here are 10 reasons why, in fact, you should –

  • You are breathing impure air

Masked Man IndoorsAs you know, there is dust and other particles all around you and these particles tend to settle inside the AC Ducts. Then there’s also mold to consider which tends to thrive in cold, dark and damp environment that cold Air conditioners provide inside the air vents or ducts. In fact, molds are a huge problem in Dubai and UAE and they can easily be found inside many AC ducts. Pet’s fur and dander can also accumulate inside the ducts and so can smoke (if someone smokes indoors). You can easily expect your ducts to be a lot dirtier than you actually think.

These particles, when blown into the inner atmosphere by the cold Air Conditioner air into your living and working spaces, make the air impure and unhealthy to breathe. In fact, it is estimated by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) that the indoor air can be upto 8 times more harmful than outside air. You think, environmental air pollution is bad, start thinking of the air inside your homes first. It is, therefore, imperative that you check your AC ducts periodically.

  • Your Air Conditioner Might Not work at its maximum potential

repairing central air conditioner

As mentioned, if you do not clean your ducts, dust and other particles tend to gather inside, thereby, clogging the ducts. This makes it harder for the AC to pump in enough air for your home to properly cool down. That’s why sometimes, you feel warm even though your AC is blasting cold air at its full capacity. Or alternatively, you turn on the AC and it takes ages for it to properly cool down your home or offices.

Granted, that this could also mean that your AC needs servicing, but since that requires more cost and time, you should get your AC Ducts inspected first to be certain that dirty ducts are not be causing this issue.



  • You or your family members are feeling sick for no apparent reason

Sick KidWell, this point directly correlates to the first reason – Impure air. If the air inside your home is not healthy and breathable, you or your family members are bound to suffer one or the other health issue. Harmful air can cause you many health related issues like cold, allergies, breathing problems, blurry vision, asthma and other serious ailments including mental ones. It is a well established fact that breathing harmful air can have serious health issues for kids and may even interfere with their cognitive ability development. Of course, you should consult a health practitioner first, but this might also be the time to get those AC Ducts inspected as well.

Please note that these symptoms develop gradually over time. It could be simple coughing or sneezing with occasional red eyes or migraines and you might blame the environmental pollution for this. But take some time to contemplate that whether your AC might actually be causing this or rather the AC Ducts rather than outside pollution?

  • You are wasting time, money and energy

Choosing an AC Cleaning Company in DubaiA clogged AC duct will never let enough air pass through, thereby, making the AC work at its maximum capacity, which in turn increases your electricity bill and causes wear and tear to the AC System. It’s a simple enough fact, that many people do not grasp when they get those huge energy bills. A professional AC Duct cleaning can reduce your yearly energy bills drastically.

You and your family will also fall ill less frequently, thereby, reducing those healthcare and medicine bills, which admittedly can make quite a big dent on your savings. What is more surprising is the amount of time lost being sick and servicing your AC units. So you are not just losing money, health and energy, but perhaps the most emphatic commodity of today – “time”.

Therefore, if you think of it, your duct cleaning service may pay for itself over time many times over it actually cost you to get the service done.

  • The Life Of Your AC and Ducts is being reduced

mold in ac ducts
The wear and tear that your AC and Ducts are getting due to unhygienic conditions will eventually lead to a breakdown of air conditioner or a broken duct. If you think that there’s no chance that it will happen, think again. There are a lot of cases of broken duct everyday and people have to replace it altogether. And you can ascertain that the cost involved in replacing a broken duct is far more than actually getting it cleaned periodically.

Same goes for your air-conditioning system, if it doesn’t work properly, it will wreak havoc on the entire cooling system, thereby, leading to complete breakdown. Believe us, it is a lot common than it appears.

That is why it is important to get your AC system, Ducts as well as air conditioner checked, ideally, 2 times in a year.

  • To Increase Efficiency &  lower downtime at the work places

business people getting sick

The significance of Duct Cleaning is even more prominent in case of Offices, warehouses and other work places. If you are in an office, your employees will have less sick days, therefore, you’ll have lower downtime and increased efficiency. And the costs saved in maintaining the system instead of repairing a broken system is much more. As you know, there are many work hours lost due to illness and ailments. Now clean ducts doesn’t guarantee that the employees won’t fall sick, but they do decrease chances of falling sick drastically. It is therefore highly recommended for Corporates to undertake AC Duct Cleaning at a regular basis.

We hope that these reasons have convinced you enough to get your AC Ducts checked for impurities and irregularities. AC Duct Cleaning takes even more importance in places like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE & the middle-east due to the harsh environment in these areas.

If you’re looking for AC Duct Cleaning in Dubai, look no further than Saniservice – the market leader in AC Cleaning and Disinfection in Dubai and UAE since 2009. We provide a free AC Inspection with quotation along with live pictures of your Ducts. You can monitor yourself the state of your ducts and consult with your experts regarding the service process. Saniservice also provides you before and after service pictures of your ducts, to assure you that you’ve been serviced by the absolute best professionals available.

If you want, you can also get air quality test done, to get further proof that your air is perfectly fine to breathe and work in. Book a Free AC Duct Inspection Today.

Duct Cleaning Dubai & How Important is it?

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Duct Cleaning Dubai

Duct Cleaning Dubai

Countries in the Middle East are said not to be so lucky when it comes to weather as its scorching hot outside. That is why we tend to spend most of our time indoors, more than 90% in fact. If you are living in Dubai, you know the importance of Air Conditioning in your day to day life. AC units are therefore very important in the lives of the people settling here as it is the only way to give them comfort with the very hot weather outside.

Air-Conditioning Units in Dubai

It is a fact that ACs are needed in every part of the world. ACs is Dubai are made depending on the specific needs of the Country. But as ACs in Dubai are made with high quality, it also needs to be cleaned every now and then. Dubai or even other countries in the Middle East are said to experience sand storms which is harmful to the ACs. The people there need to be cautious about their AC units. They have to monitor the schedule of AC cleaning. The little particles of sand goes inside the ducts which means duct cleaning is very important to each and every AC unit.

AC Duct Cleaning Dubai

AC Duct Cleaning Dubai should be a top priority for everyone as it is really needed in the area with all the sand storms that occur every year. Duct cleaning also helps you in maintaining the good condition of your AC unit. You need to get in touch with a local professional Duct Cleaning Company in Dubai and get an inspection done for your AC units.

How to go about Duct Cleaning Service in Dubai?

Here are few pointers on how to make your life comfortable.

  • Look for the best Duct Cleaning Service in Dubai. Read customer testimonials, talk to their technicians.
  • Have them explain the whole process of Duct Cleaning to you. Make sure you understand the scope of service involved in the cleaning process.
  • Get a service schedule from the company and if possible, ask for before and after pictures. You can also get the air quality tested to make sure that you are breathing in pure air always.

Look into all the pros and cons of getting the service from a particular company. Look into their Duct Cleaning History in Dubai. Only if you’re 100% satisfied, then proceed with the service.

Importance of Cleaning Your Duct

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AC Duct Cleaning by Saniservice

Using air-conditioning units in offices and homes is a must especially to places with warm weather. Workers can’t work well if they feel hot. Production will be affected. Computers also need some air to function well. There are also other machines that cannot operate well under hot atmosphere. Cooling the air in certain workplaces is very important and a must. It is easy to work if you feel comfortable. You will be more productive with your work. You home is the best place to take a good rest after a day’s work. It is best to stay inside the room to catch some cold air. You whole body gets complete rest and so with your mind. It is very relaxing when you get the chance to lie in bed with your body feeling fresh. It gives you also a very sound sleep at any time of the day.


Saniservice Deep Duct Cleaning

Dirty Ducts can be a haven for moulds, bacteria and other allergens.

Do you know how important it is to have a regular check-up and cleaning of your air-conditioning units and ac ducts? Some people overlook its importance because of worries from jobs and personal concerns. The price of an air-conditioning unit never gets lower so you must keep it work efficiently also for your own benefit. As it is used daily, it is more likely to be checked and maintained regularly to avoid problems and instead, get these good results.

  • Lower Health Risk – Over time, your AC Ducts can accumulate different kinds of particles and airborne allergens that can harm your family or employees.  Regular duct cleaning is essential to make sure that the ducts where the air you breathe passes through is safe and fit for breathing.
  • Lower Power Consumption – electricity bills will never leave you. It is always with you as long as you are living and that is a fact. A dirty air filter cannot function well. The air compressor finds it very hard to circulate air and will lead to breakdown. As long as you don’t have your air-conditioning unit cleaned, your electricity bill will keep on getting higher.
  • Longer Life for Your AC – a well-maintained unit is sure to serve you for many years. It is not just cleaning that is important but the maintenance and check-up of other parts to keep it operational. A single part that has a problem may affect others that can lead to complete malfunction.
  • Lower Risk for Repair – regular maintenance is very important to keep you from spending too much in replacing the air compressor. Always remember that regular check-ups and maintenance is cheaper than buying a compressor. It also takes you away from the hassles of feeling hot for a number of days waiting for your AC to be completely repaired. You will also be charged for the Freon after the compressor was replaced. It is normally wasted once the compressor is affected.
  • Take Down Logs – it is important that you keep track of the schedule for regular check-up. In this way, you will be free from worries and will be sure of your AC’s good service for years. You will be spared from unexpected expenses.

Restful Mind and Body – it is the best way to ease your mind. There will be no worries of topping-up your expenses. Keeping a log and having your AC and ducts maintained by the best technicians will always be helpful. Lesser worries mean better and happier life for you and your loved ones.

Does Duct Cleaning Actually Help?

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To answer this question we must first understand what is a Ducting and what is it there for. An AC Duct is a causeway or a passageway for air that has been cooled or heated air to be delivered to certain parts of the building. Usually, AC ducts are made out of insulated materials like fibered glass cut and formed to the desired shape and size. Sometimes a flexible duct can be used for the same purpose.

Diagram of AC Ducts

A Diagram of the typical AC Duct found in homes and offices

As the AC does its job of sucking in, cooling down and blowing air back out – airborne particles are caught with it. Although AC systems have filters, this is usually not enough to sift the billions of particles that float around an area on a daily basis.

Eventually, particles of dust, pet dander, mould spores and other particles are sucked in and blown through the moist AC evaporator coils. As it passes through the wet surface of the AC system, these foreign particles get caught and stick on the coils and builds up overtime. When this happens, moulds are the first to thrive as these are the perfect conditions for them to grow in.

As Moulds and dirt build up in the evaporator coils, they eventually render the AC inefficient thus some AC loses the ability to cool and even dry the air that passes through it. When moist air is blown through the ducts, this is when our ducts experience the same process of having moisture and foreign particles clinging on its surfaces. Eventually, it finds its way through your AC vents and to your lungs.

This is why a complete AC System and Duct cleaning is important because more than anywhere else in the world, Dubai has all the ingredients to make our Ducting and AC system experience all of the aforementioned.

It is very important therefore to make sure that you ask the AC Duct cleaners to clean and disinfect the whole system by dismantling the blowers, evaporators, drainage trays and drainage pipes and thoroughly go through every inch of the ducts. This is the only way to make sure that no corner is left unclean, since a single speck of mould spore can trigger the whole process all over again in no time.


The Maintenance of Air-conditioning Unit and Choosing the Best Service Provider

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air-conditioning-health-concernsBig office companies have their designated staff to check their air-conditioning units’ maintenance. Owners or managers are guaranteed that someone is monitoring and is doing the follow-ups on the schedule. What about the AC in your home? There is no other person to check on it rather than yourself. Reading this article will save you from getting lost on the regular check-ups. Upon purchase of your AC unit, you have to ask for the facts to remember in maintaining the said unit. It is better to know everything about the unit you bought because it has to serve you for the longest time. Even though you have bought the best brand, it is still important that it will be well-maintained. Don’t just let your money and effort be wasted.

Cleaning the AC units of many households is being overlooked. They just tend to enjoy the cold night not realizing its correct maintenance and use. The more often it is switched on, the more it has to be cleaned regularly. Fungi and other germs are prevented to grow with regular schedule of cleaning as it also takes you away from sickness. Indoor air quality must always be the best to ensure healthy lungs or respiratory system. Pollutants can be removed by disinfectants free from chemicals.

You are spared from the following problems if your AC is regularly cleaned!

  • No respiratory health concerns – health is always the primary concern of everyone. If you are able to build a beautiful house then what can make you forget your family’s health? Allergies with colds and cough may be the start of more serious respiratory problems.
  • No value wasted from your money – you did not buy an AC unit just to stress yourself in surrendering it for constant repairs.
  • No extra and untimely expenses for repairs – regular maintenance make your pocket save and avoid unexpected expenses. You will have less stress knowing your unit is good as ever.
  • AC unit is free from repairs – a unit that is not frequently repaired looks new even it was bought for past couple of months.

You have to look for the best AC cleaning company for some peace of mind. The worries and pressure you get from work are enough. Little worries about your AC system should not add to them. You are not worth to worry for little things. Avoid all of those worries and choose the service provider with these requirements:

  • Offers best deals with signed agreements that includes term the maintenance or repair be finished, cost and other important details.
  • Tested by your friends or relatives.
  • Best services with customer’s inquiries politely answered.
  • Well-trained staff and technicians.
  • Licensed and authorized.
  • Comes and do their job on time
  • Does the right procedures from start to finish
  • Offers safe method

Air is a free substance that surrounds you everywhere you go. The air you breathe can ruin your health or make you healthy. Healthy air comes from clean AC system.





The Benefits of Well-maintained AC System

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16845AirconditionerDo you know how cleaning and maintenance affect your one of the treasured appliance at home? It frees you from greater worries. How about your AC units in your office? Are you aware of its scheduled check-ups? How often do you follow-up with your staff if your units are well-maintained by your official technicians? It is good if you also can do the checking every now and then to be sure that every AC unit in your office is working well. After all, it is you who gets affected in the end when problem arises. Before problems get worse, it is advisable that you take precautionary measures. Avoiding these problems make life easier. It is better to rest and sleep with your mind free from worries.

Being the owner of an office goes with your concern for the employees. It is your responsibility to make them safe from illnesses. Good health means good output. There will be no sick leaves filed by employees. It is the same thing at home. Your children’s health is on top of the list. There are many things you get from managing the maintenance of your AC units at home and in the office. The help of a good AC maintenance company will be great to avoid more expenses in the future.

Here are the factors you have to do to maintain your AC units.

  • Look for the best company with good technicians for check-ups and maintenance.
  • Keep a logbook for schedules.
  • Make the schedules work at the exact date.
  • Be attentive and observant from time to time with how your AC works.
  • Choose the best AC brand.

There’s more great things in-store for you with regular AC check-up and maintenance!

  • Reasonable Electricity Bill – this bill will not leave you. It is your monthly responsibility and can make you stressed before the due date. Better yet, avoid making it go higher. Always make your technicians check your AC units.
  • Clean Air – it takes you away from sicknesses. You are sure your loved ones and employees get good health if the air in your office and rooms are free from bacteria, pollens and smog.
  • No Repairs for Years – AC units are made to last longer if cleaned on the given schedule. If something happens and the units could not function anymore, there will be more hassles but lesser output. Your children and even yourself will find it difficult to have a complete rest at home.
  • No Overhead Expenses – maintaining your AC system makes you save money. There will also be no wasted effort and time in calling and getting the services of the maintenance people. For a businessman like you, time and money are both important. Every tic of the clock and every dime is counted, so it would be better to comply with the regular check-up of all your AC units installed at home and in the office. It is a promise of lesser worries and serious AC problems with its regular maintenance.


Cleaned Air Ducts by Reputable Service Provider

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ac cleaning in dubaiThe quality of indoor air is now checked carefully by homeowners. Like you, they also want the best possible clean air when they are at home. No one would like to breathe contaminated air as it causes health concerns particularly in the respiratory system. You would not let your children’s health be at risk nor your wallet! Just like any appliance or equipment, a well-maintained duct system gives you the benefit of paying for lesser power bill. It is great to enjoy life with lesser worries.

Air duct cleaning to its true sense is the cleaning of all parts of the duct system. The whole system includes fan motor and fan housing, grilles and diffusers, heating and cooling coils and heat exchangers. All parts must be free from dirt, debris and oil.  Everything must be properly re-attached and checked if still functioning. The recurrence of moist causes further negative effects to the function of the duct system. Re-contamination occurs if any one of the components is not properly cleaned. The cost for duct cleaning depends on the climate, the level of contamination, size and accessibility. It may range from $450.00 – $1,000.00.

The pros of having your air duct cleaned by good service provider:

  • You are secured that the people are all harmless.
  • Your air duct system is safe from being disrupted.
  • Each component is properly cleaned.
  • The duct’s components are free from dirt and debris.
  • It gives out clean air.
  • Safety from chemical biocides and chemical treatments.
  • Sealants placed on the system assure you of air without dust.
  • Maintained cleanliness inside your home as they don’t mess up the carpet or the floor.
  • Controlled brushing of the components.
  • Checked if there is asbestos in the system as it should be removed only by well-trained contractors.
  • Uses high-efficiency particle air (HEPA) vaccuming equipment.

The cons of hiring the services of lesser quality service provider:

  • The whole duct system may be at risk of malfunctioning.
  • There will be more contaminants.
  • Growth of much moisture.
  • Components attached by the use of duct tape only.
  • You are not sure of your hone’s safety.
  • Might use chemicals in cleaning method.
  • Fake technicians might be able to enter your household.
  • Might mess-up your floors and walls by uncontrolled brushing.

This is a sample checklist to check if your duct was cleaned properly.

  • Blower                                  – must be free from oil and other debris
  • Cooling Components      – coil drain pan must be draining properly
  • Metal Ducts                        – no visible debris
  • Plenums                              – no moisture stains and dust
  • Fiber Glass                          – free from tears and in good condition
  • Air Vents                             – diffusers, grilles and registers are re-attached firmly
  • Access Doors                     – should be attached by screws or rivets
  • System Operation           – both heating and cooling systems must still be functioning well

All pointers given to you are of most important consideration in choosing the best service provider and maintaining air ducts.  Always have in mind that good service providers give you papers with agreements on terms and costs for the complete and proper cleaning process.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Air Conditioners in Dubai, UAE

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1363113908693Air conditioners or ACs are widely used all over the world. When it comes to high-end modern cities like Dubai in United Arab Emirates where technology has a vast hold, air conditioners are extremely common. Another factor that adds to their popularity there are the hot weathers people deal with most of the times during a year – with such hear, having an AC becomes kind of necessary. Likewise, in Dubai, like everywhere else in the world, air conditioner cleaning and disinfecting becomes important. Proper and professional cleaning and disinfection services have too many benefits. If you own an AC in Dubai, UAE, then make sure to focus on getting professional cleaning and disinfecting regularly.

Benefits of Cleaning and Disinfection Services

AC’s are literally throwing out air into the environment. In a closed room with AC cooling, the people inside are breathing that very air. Hence, clean ACs become essential for health reasons and environmental protection. Apart from these services being necessary, people also enjoy various benefits of AC cleaning and disinfection in Dubai, UAE such as:

  • Longevity of your AC: An AC that is not properly maintained and left to corrode in dust, dirt, and mold can get broken very easily without any chance of full repair. To maintain your AC’s life and to extend it, regular cleaning and disinfecting should be regularly considered.
  • Better airflow: The reason your AC is there is to provide cooling air in the hot weathers of Dubai, UAE. There is no point to it if it does not give you the proper cooling air. Long intervals without cleaning and disinfecting can clog up the vents and slow down the machine, breaking up air flow.
  • Reduction in electricity bills: A significant part of your electricity bill is there because of using your AC but that does not mean it has to be as high as it is. It has been noted that cleaner and disinfected AC’s lower electricity charges and the unmaintained ones raise them.

Why Disinfect?

Many people think that just getting their ACs cleaned will be full maintenance and their AC does not really need disinfection. This is false, because cleaning away dust and debris is just as important as getting rid of mold and bacteria. If you let the mold or mildew be, anyone who breathes in the air from the air conditioner is vulnerable to health risks like allergies, asthma, and bronchitis, flus, hay fever, sore throat, etc. The risks of these diseases increase even more if your AC is used on a regular basis and living in Dubai of UAE, that is most probably the very case.

There is no denying that AC’s in Dubai’s hot weather are a blessing but do not let them harm you, your family, or the environment. A full extensive cleaning and disinfecting service should be used every year, at least. You get to enjoy the benefits of your AC properly with proper maintenance.