Reasons You Have Air Conditioning Vent Odor

Reasons You Have Air Conditioning Vent Odor

Reasons You Have Air Conditioning Vent Odor

Have you ever noticed a bad smell coming out of your air conditioning unit whenever you use it? Air conditioner vent odor only means one thing. This is an indication that you need to clean it or else it can be a threat to your health.

Here’s why bad odor keeps on coming out from your ac vent:

Molds, Mildew, and Must

When there is too much dampness in your ac unit, you could wind up with form and mold coursing through the ventilation work. To help avoid mold and dampness issues, fix all water spills, improve waste, plan semiannual ac checkups, and regularly replace ac filters & ducts.

The most ideal approach to secure your things, form, and maintain your ac unit is through using an entire home dehumidifier. The dehumidifier does its job of eliminating the right measure of dampness from the air and stores the condensed air outside.

When booking an ac disinfection service provider, ensure the company you employ incorporates a full cleaning and disinfection. This yearly review will clear your condensed duct line, clean evaporator coils, and identify any formation of molds inside your ducts.


When your AC emits a stinky feet Smell

Dirty & grimy evaporator coils, obstructed duct containers, and stale water can cause the smell of filthy socks or stinky feet air conditioner vent odor. You will definitely need the help of air conditioner cleaners to perform a thorough deep cleaning & ac disinfection.


When your AC emits a smell like Tobacco Smoke

If someone in your home smokes, the smell of nicotine could very well accumulate in the ducts and evaporator coils. This, to a point when you switch on your air conditioning unit, you can smell tobacco smoke coming out of the ac system.

This may cause allergies and asthma, which are definitely health hazards. By this time, you need to consider changing the ac unit and smoking outside.


When your AC emits a Burning Smell

If you smell that something is burning, then there should be really something that is lit up or burning inside your unit. There are many possible causes. This could be an overheating engine, a wiring issue, or some other mechanical issue. Remember that this is a serious matter. When you encounter this, turn off the power of your ac unit from the main power box.

If it smells like something has already exploded and smoke is coming out, it might be a short from the AC’s circuit board or fan engine.

In the event that the burning smell is still present, evacuate the home and contact the local group of fire-fighters. Some of the time, liquefying plastic segments can emit a fishy or spoiled egg smell. Turn off the capacity to the circuits from the breaker box, evacuate your home and contact the local group of fire-fighters.

Once you’re sure that it is safe to go back to your home, call an AC specialist to deal with any electrical or electrical issues your ac might have.

When your ac emits a smell like that of Sewage

You might not know this, but sewer gases can back up into the home in the event that you have dry P-traps. Have a go at running the water in the entirety of your sinks (consistently) to fill the P-trap and make a seal against sewage smells.

If it’s not the issue, you may have a backed-up sewer line or cracked sewer vent pipe. Sewer gases can be dangerous. Contact an expert handyman or an AC professional immediately if you experience this kind of air conditioner vent odor.

When your AC emits a “Spoiling Carcass or Dirty Trash” Smell

In the event that a critter or a rat has died in your ac ducts, the smell will immediately get difficult to disregard. The faster you identify the deterioration or rotting smell, the better.

Here’s what you should do:

  1. To begin with, turn off the AC unit.
  2. Next, open a few entryways and windows for ventilation.
  3. Contact ac experts or pest control service right away.

When your AC emits a Rotten Egg Smell

Never overlook the smell of spoiled eggs in your home. It could be the smell of spilling gas or sulfur!

While flammable gas is normally unscented, manufacturers are needed to add a synthetic called mercaptan to give it that unmistakable spoiled egg gas smell. Another sign if a gas spill is a way of grass or bushes that have changed to a debilitated earthy colored/orangish tone. Find out about more gas release cautioning signs.

Remember this in the event that you experience air conditioner vent odor likely to a spoiled egg or sulfur smell:

  1. Try not to work anything electrical.
  2. Try not to work matches or lighters.
  3. If there are any open flares, for example, candles, put them out.
  4. Open the same number of entryways and windows as you can.
  5. Turn off your gas flexibly at the meter. If you can’t do this, gas installers can do this for you.
  6. Evacuate your home.
  7. Contact the ac gas company.


Still not certain what the smell is? Ask local ac cleaning companies or ac experts. They will be able to pinpoint the exact solution to your problem.

Dust, soil, hair, dander, dust, fungus, and organisms that accumulate in your ac unit and air ducts are liable for some, medical problems. Moreover, these contaminations can get inside your ac unit and harm parts, prompting more regular repairs and breakdowns.

Do not conceal the bad smell. If you are attempting to conceal the smell with vaporized showers, scented candles, and so forth, you are just making the air quality worse. Spare yourself from nausea, headaches, breathing challenges, trouble sleeping, and numerous other medical issues by planning an expert indoor air quality test.