Things to Look for When Hiring an Indoor Air Quality Testing Company

4 Things to Look for When Hiring an Indoor Air Quality Testing Company


Things to Look for When Hiring an Indoor Air Quality Testing Company

What are the contaminants of indoor air? There is no single test for all indoor pollutants. It can be expensive to test foe every contaminant we can find in the air indoors, for instance, hiring an indoor air quality testing company to do the job. However, if you know the common contaminants of indoor air and their effects, it will be easier for you to identify and address your needs.

Here are common indoor pollutants that might be inside your home, according to the Environment Protection Agency (EPA):

  • Mold, dander, pollen, dust mites, and bacteria are classified under Biological Pollutants
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like formaldehyde, and the other chemical pollutants lead, and radon are classified under Chemical Pollutants
  • Carbon monoxide and tobacco smoke (incidentally, VOCs and other chemical pollutants may result from combustion) – are classified under Combustion pollutants

Hiring an indoor air quality testing company is the best option after taking preventive measures and yet, you still experience health issues which you suspect might be because of the quality of air inside your home.

When is indoor air quality best done?

Indoor air quality testing should be performed:

  • When experiencing health issues such as allergies, asthma, etc.
  • When you are about to welcome a new member of the family (baby, younger kids)
  • Before home renovation

The best time to ask for an indoor air quality check is before doing a home renovation. Testing air quality, particularly before your house is destroyed for a redesign, can prevent and address potential issues. Hiring the correct air quality testing company for the job can help you have a protected home renovation cycle and a safe air to relax.

Take note of these 4 fundamental tips to assist you with employing the correct air quality testing company.

  1. Ask for recommendations as to the best Air Quality Testing company

Request suggestions regardless of what kind of tests you are need for your home. Similarly, as you would approach loved ones for home redesigning organization proposals, you ought to likewise get some information about indoor air quality testing companies they trust. Consider asking your renovating company before they start their work if they have suggestions on dependable indoor air quality testing service.

  1. Narrow your list of top air testing companies

Once you have an adequate rundown of potential air quality companies to call, you can begin narrowing it somewhere near by requesting for accreditations. Testing your indoor air quality requires specific equipment, preparing, and authorized labs to investigate results. The company should have the essential accreditations and be able to explain to you how indoor air testing works and what it measures.

  1. Consider turnaround time

As your home redesign start date lingers nearer, you must realize that your air quality can be tried rapidly and effectively enough so you can have potential issues tended to. By choosing the best indoor air quality testing company, you can get your desired outcomes in an expert way. They should be able to analyze indoor air contaminants and present a report with recommendations to tackle the issues and avoid health hazards.

  1. Focus on exclusive air quality testing organizations

Search for an air quality testing organization that centers and specializes exclusively around air quality testing alone. There’s a higher chance that these organizations will have no concealed plans, and they will give the fair truth about your home’s air quality. In the event that there are no issues with your air quality, at that point your testing organization will be able to give fair and accurate results, without offering another service.