Air Conditioner Cleaning Why You Should Do It

Air Conditioner Cleaning – Why You Should Do It

Air Conditioner Cleaning Why You Should Do It

You’ve had a long trip. And now, before you even turn on your air conditioning unit, you forgot about one thing- do an air conditioner cleaning. You may have forgotten to clean your ac ducts, but you have to remember that maintaining the cleanliness of your ac unit is actually crucial to the functioning of your air conditioner–and your health.

How? Here’s a breakdown.

The air in your room gets sucked into your air conditioner, cooled down, and then blown back into the room without all the extra trash, thanks to these ac ducts. These residue blockers or filters essentially give your home cleaner, cooler air.

Thus, if you haven’t replaced the ducts in your air conditioner or don’t have the slightest clue where to find it, do not worry. You are not alone. You could be facing an issue, because the air conditioner ducts’ performance affects the efficiency of your unit, its life cycle, and your health. It is very worth cleaning ac ducts to keep your energy costs down. Another good thing is that it reduces the amount of allergens in the air. This means less allergy and more savings for you.


Why should we do air conditioner cleaning? How do we do it? It might be easier than you suspect.


How dirty air conditioner channels affect your home and health

It is a common knowledge that by not cleaning your ac ducts and filters regularly, your unit has to work much harder to push out clean, cool air. Healthy homes are those with good ventilation. Thus, ducts filled with dirt and debris decrease the amount of air being circulated in your home.

James Sublett, MD, past leader of the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, said “A grimy duct will obstruct airflow and can even lead to wearing out the fan on your furnace or air conditioner on the off chance that you never clean it.” This can lead to a higher electricity bill. Yikes!

Many central ac units can easily get loaded up with residue and trash and flat out collapse – in short – stop working. This becomes a source for allergens and contamination, since all the residue from the duct is being circulated into the air of your home.

Obviously, this is not helping your respiratory health. According to the Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), regular air conditioner cleaning can limit organic material to develop and form; as this can cause cough, wheezing, and eye and skin irritation


Hints that tell your AC unit needs some deep cleaning & disinfection

For those using window air conditioning unit with a reusable duct, it is recommended to clean it once a month during spring and summer. Haul the filter out and inspect it for any damage. Whenever torn, toss it out and replace it with another, new unit. In the event that there’s no damage, let the filter soak in the sink or bathtub in a weakened solution of bleach and water, to help kill any spores. Then, scrub the channel with a delicate shuddered brush to free the work paneling of any hiding grime, at that point allow the filter to dry altogether. Before snapping it back into the unit, clear over it with a handheld vacuum to grab any remaining residue particles.

Remember to keep it dry completely before putting it back, or you will let molds form if the filter is damp.

Cleaning your ac units may not completely eliminate all the allergens that could be trapped there. After you have your air conditioner cleaned, you can ask the help of ac sanitization companies to disinfect them. Be sure to schedule routine HVAC checkups with a professional in spring to have your unit serviced before the cooling season kicks in. Maintenance is critical to prolonging the life of your ac unit, conserving energy, and keeping your home hygienic.