How does a good AC service improve indoor air quality?

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Whether it is home or office, we spend maximum time of our day indoors. Therefore, it becomes critical that the indoor air that we breathe in should be pure and devoid of any molds or disease causing bacteria. Most people think that since indoor air does not come in contact with outside elements, it is pure and free from contaminants. However, in reality, indoor air quality contains almost 2-4 times more pollutants than outdoor air.

Are you aware of the fact that breathing in polluted indoor air causes various allergies and diseases? Staying in a cool environment is something that we all love. However, we often forget that this cool environment is the breeding ground for disease causing pathogens and microorganisms. This is the reason why a regular AC cleaning is required to ensure that you inhale pure and pollution free air always.

Air conditioning systems circulate air pollutants through the indoor air making it unfit for breathing. The major air pollutants include mold, smoke, pollen, chemicals, dirt, pet dander, as well as, other allergens. Air conditioning units owing to their continuous usage attract dust and garbage to the already unhygienic surfaces. Since moisture and dust are the breeding grounds for molds and bacteria, it becomes necessary to keep your AC thoroughly clean.

Poor quality of indoor air can have adverse effects on your health. Do you often wonder that why you feel symptoms such as nausea, headache, dizziness, itchy skin, runny nose so often? These are all the result of breathing in a polluted environment. The graveness of exposure to air pollutants can be highlighted from the fact that continuous exposure to these surroundings can lead to serious respiratory disorders such as asthma as well. It is therefore critical that even though the symptoms seem slight, they should not be ignored as they hold the key to your overall health.

Air conditioners offer us cool air by taking the indoor air, cooling it and sending it back through the vents in the unit. If the air conditioning unit is polluted, the air that you get back will be contaminated with the pollutants. It therefore becomes necessary to clean and change your AC filter to ensure that you are getting pure air to breathe in. By having your air conditioner ducts cleaned and serviced regularly, you can guarantee a healthy air for you to breathe in. Apart from this, regular ac cleaning will also ensure that your ac functions properly and you do not have to bear the monstrous repair bills caused due to negligence.

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How to Prevent Indoor Mould Growth

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ac-moldsNot only are moulds at home unsightly, they can also cause various illnesses. In humid places like Dubai, they seem to grow everywhere you look and when you’re not looking. Fret not. There are services for mold remediation Dubai residents can avail. Indoor mold growth can be easily prevented too through these simple measures:
1. Dry spills and wet areas instantly. Spills are daily occurrences especially if you have kids. Whether it is on the carpet, tiled floor, or sofa, it should be dried within 24-48 hours. To dry a carpet or sofa, just put salt on the wet spot and leave overnight then dry with vacuum. Salt can suck liquid on fabrics. Quickly wipe dry surfaces that often get wet like kitchen work benches and bathroom floor.
2. Maintain your indoor cooling units. The use of air conditioning system can reduce moisture in the air but if neglected, some of its components like its coils, drain pans, air filters, and outdoor air damper can become breeding places of molds. AC units can also diffuse the AC molds Dubai homes harbor. Hence, ensure that your AC system is always clean. You or an AC mould remediation Dubai professional can do this every six to 12 months.


3. Reduce indoor humidity. Use a de-humidifier. Ventilate as needed. When cooking, washing dishes, or taking a shower, use exhaust fans or open windows. Appliances that produce moisture or water vapor like stoves, clothes dryer and kerosene heater should be vented to the outside. Insulate water pipes and other cold surface areas.

Need of Mould Remediation Services in Dubai

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Moulds and fungus

Moulds and fungus growing on AC system

Moulds in homes or work places are a serious problem that can pose severe health risks for you. The poor indoor air quality can be a cause of asthma and even lung damage. The best solution for improving the air quality is to hire the expert air duct cleaning service in Dubai.

All homeowners are required to know and comprehend the dangers of having mould inside your AC units. It is essential to have mould remediation as it can cause various health problems like coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes and can also be the main cause of serious medical conditions like asthma, etc. Most people are not even aware of the mould growing in their home, hence they are putting the occupants at risk of various health problems. You can avert mould accumulation through having a clean indoor environment through effective and regular AC cleaning as well as disinfection through mould remediation services in Dubai.

Irrespective of the area where you live or work, AC’s in any places can develop mould and will need a solution to eliminate them form the air so as to prevent you breathing it in. Mould has toxins in it that gets into the air thus adversely influencing the health of anyone who comes in contact with it.

Through the professional services of mould remediation and AC cleaning, the AC cleaning company in Dubai will take care of the task of removing the mould from your CA units and clean the AC to provide a healthier indoor environment. Generally, people have no idea on how to tackle mould problem, thus making it a more important issue to find and employ the professional services of AC duct cleaning and mould remediation who with their necessary knowledge, experience and skills are able to clean the AC and remove the mould from it effectively.

AC filters play an important role in spreading the pollutants in the room where AC is on. Dirty air filters pose a negative impact on the cooling performance of your AC units. Thus, it is integral that AC filters are also cleaned or replaced to ensure that the air from The AC is clean and free from any pollutants. It is essential to get your AC inspected on a regular basis in order to remove the pollutants like dirt particles, debris, smoke particles, bacteria and moulds. This regular cleaning and disinfection regime for your AC will avert any possibility of mould from spreading and affecting the health of everyone in the home or workplace.

If you live in Dubai, you surely know its climatic condition and why air conditioners are so important. Hence, for enjoying the benefits of AC and good indoor air quality, it is must that you hire reliable AC cleaning and disinfection service provider. This will ensure that your device is faultless and the indoor air quality of your surroundings is healthy. Saniservice has all that it takes for more healthy homes, offices and other commercial spaces. For more details about their Swiss Concept of Disinfection; please visit:

Why is AC Duct Cleaning Important?

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AC Cleaning in Dubai-UAEAn air-conditioner can be regarded as one of the best things that have been invented that increases your comfort by keeping you cool during the harsh summers. However, the comfort factor is well promoted as well as marketed by all manufacturers, dealers and retailers, there is one component that is always ignored — the consumption of a lot of electricity. This consumption can escalate manifold if the AC unit is not taken care of and maintained properly. Thus, to make sure that you use an AC in the most effective way, while simultaneously not consuming too much of electricity, all you need to do is to follow a few simple guidelines.

The main factor is the proper cleaning and disinfection of the AC units. The air duct cleaning is equally important. An air duct is the passage within an air conditioning unit through which air is filtered. With the frequent use of the AC makes the air ducts congested with air pollutants, dirt, insects, and mould that circulate in the room causing certain ailments. It is advised to consult the professional air duct cleaning services and AC cleaning services Dubai for timely cleaning of the AC for its smooth running and increased efficiency.

It is clearly not a good idea to leave an air conditioning unit in its bad and non-working condition. If you take into account how air conditioning units work by drawing air into the system, cooling it and then scattering it throughout your home, it will be very clear how simple it is for contaminated air particles to be mixed in the air given out by the AC and get circulated in your rooms thus creating an unhealthy environment.

Just consider the total number of hours that you normally spend inside your own apartment, it will become easy for you to understand how a dirty AC unit can over the course of time contribute towards breathing and circulatory problems such as cough, asthma, allergic reactions, etc. These health problems can also leave an impact on your mood during the day thus also influencing your ability to carry out your work and enjoy the other things in life.

If you neglect the cleaning of the AC units, the systems will remain dirty and will not be able to operate at its maximum efficiency. Hence, when you will set your AC unit to cool the air at a certain desired temperature, it will take up more electricity and power to give you the cooling effect. This will then result in high monthly energy bills.

For increasing the efficiency as well as the shelf life of your AC system, make sure to call professionals for the expert AC cleaning work. Their efficient technical professionals know very well how to take care of your AC systems by following some guidelines on AC and air duct cleaning & disinfection. Trust Saniservice as the company offers excellent AC cleaning, Swiss concept of disinfection, AC duct cleaning, and AC disinfection services at extremely affordable prices. Please visit: for more details.

Take proper care of your AC for improved indoor air quality

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The chief cause of poor indoor air quality can be attributed to the bacterial and fungal contamination of air filters, heat transfer coils and ductwork within your air conditioning systems that are usually poorly maintained. Thus, keeping your air conditioning clean is essentially important for you family’s health.

Air passes through dust filters before it gets cooled on the surface of the cooling coil and blown out from the air conditioner. Generally dust filters are planned to remove larger particles that would fetid the cooling coil and hence are not effective at removing small airborne particles. The moment the larger particles get trapped by the filter, they start forming a layer that helps in the removal of tiny particles, but at the same time, they also hamper and reduce the air flow and provide nutrients for fungi and mould to grow inside your air conditioner units. In addition, when air cools at the coil, it can drop its moisture on the coil surface, which if not removed can also act as the breeding place for fungi and bacteria. Since the building air is being circulated through this system, fungi and mould spores and bacteria are released through the use of the air conditioner thus contaminating the indoor air.

Regular maintenance of air-conditioning systems from AC Cleaning Company Dubai is imperative as they are experts in detecting and preventing these problems.

Fungi and mould growths is possible in AC ducts where condensation takes place. If you notice these growths, it is wise to call air condition servicingDubaispecialist to professionally treat the cause of condensation and to clean your air conditioner. This is a useful step for preventing mould and fungi from continuing to grow.

If you notice large amounts fungi or mould growing in the air conditioner ducts, you first need to fix the cause of moisture that generally supports the growths as fungi and moulds won’t grow without moisture or condensation. However, if you clean them without treating and removing the moisture problem, they are bound to re-occur. Do not try and remove large quantities of moulds and fungi yourself using bleach. Mould can be highly toxic and if it is in large quantities, it is advisable to get help from the professionals in AC cleaning. Just remember to hire services from AC duct cleaning services as they can handle these AC issues effectively.


If you neglect the maintenance regime of your AC, it will continue to discharge odorous gases and fungal spores, which can significantly impact respiratory health, such as flu-like symptoms, asthma, allergic reactions, respiratory tract infections, and other toxic reactions. Thus, get air condition maintenance services at regular intervals to avert these health issues.


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The signs indicating that its time for your Air Conditioner to be Cleaned

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You can observe the problems with your air conditioner unit before you schedule air condition maintenance services. When summer starts and you think of using it for the first time in the season, you always wonder if you should have the units serviced. There are few signs that you might know before that you have to look out for to recognize that your air conditioners need help from professional AC cleaning company in Dubai before the problems get way out of hand.

Many a times the problem with your AC seems quite obvious, like, you might turn on the unit and you discover that it does not even run. This situation calls for a professional help immediately to fix up the problem.

Another sign that indicates the need of professional services is the inefficiency of the unit. Many a times you will notice that your AC is not functioning properly and is not giving full output that is desired from it. This lack of efficiency from your air conditioner needs to be attended. Sometimes, you might observe that it is running more than normal when the temperature outside hasn’t changed at all. This situation all demands professional help and service from air condition servicing Dubai.

You can also conduct an experiment for checking the efficiency of the AC. Just turn it down at the place where you generally feel comfortable and then let it run. If you start to feel really cool and the air conditioner shuts off, you can perhaps assume that your unit is working well. However, if it continues to run and you can’t feel the temperature changing at all, then you may conclude that the AC is probably not running efficiently.

An AC in perfect condition doesn’t make any noises. If your AC is making noises then it is another sign indicating that its time for hiring professional air condition maintenance servicesDubai. These noises might not put your family’s safety at risk, but these sounds are a sign that there is something wrong that is going inside your air conditioning unit. Don’t delay in seeking expert service as soon as possible. Any delay and failure to do so could result in unit’s breakdown completely and that will cost even more to repair.

It is also essential to pay attention to how efficiently the AC cools your whole house. If there are some areas in your house that are not getting cool as compared to other areas, you might want an expert technician to look at it. The technician will find out if there is a blockage somewhere in your air conditioning system that is damaging its efficiency. Seeking professional opinion is a good idea than using the unit incorrectly. To increase the efficiency and cooling effect of your AC trust only expert services from AC Cleaning Company Dubai and AC Duct Cleaning Dubai.

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Air Conditioner Services — A Necessity for Improved Indoor Air Quality

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Great inddor air quality in Dubai by Saniservice.Indoor air quality in your home is of main concern for you and your family member, thus, a decision of buying air conditioners for your home is a good idea. A lot of people spend most of their time indoors, be it at their home, office or at the shopping malls. If you go by the facts, indoor air quality is about two to four times more polluted than the air outside, even with having a clean air conditioning filter. Hence, having bought an AC is just not enough; you have to schedule its proper maintenance and services from AC Cleaning Company Dubai. The professional AC cleaning services improves the indoor air quality.

With poor indoor air quality your health can be badly affected. There are various air pollutants that are circulated throughout your home by your air conditioning system. Some of these pollutants can include smoke, dust particles, pollen, chemicals from the cleaning products that you use, mildew and lots of other allergens. You could be allergic to several of the air pollutants that are dispersed in the air thus poor indoor air quality can seriously affect your health. You might also start developing symptoms from the effects of indoor allergens in the form of headaches, itchy skin and eyes, tiredness, nausea, dizziness, etc. Mould is the one allergen that should not be taken lightly as prolonged exposure to mould spores can also result in serious sickness.

Schedule your air condition maintenance services to get better quality indoor air. Generally, most interiors you inhabit use recycled air. Your air conditioning units will take the air from inside your homes or workplaces, cool it and then send it back through the air conditioning vents. This air gets constantly filtered and an air conditioning unit aids in keeping it filtered.

An air conditioning filter is very effectual at removing many of the pollutants in the air. Each time the air gets cooled and pushed back into your home through these filter, the allergens get trapped in the filter. If you don’t change and clean the AC filters it will get jammed and hamper the unit’s efficiency. Thus, it is always recommended changing the air conditioning filter on a regular basis so as to ensure the efficiency of your air conditioner along with the quality of the indoor air. You can conveniently hire professional AC cleaning UAE for regular cleaning and servicing of your AC unit.

Follow these easy and simple tips when it comes to maintaining the proper condition of you air conditioner unit. These tips will not only increase the efficiency of your AC unit, but it will also keep you and your family healthy with an improved indoor air quality.

Saniservice is a well renowned air conditioning company that provides services including installation, duct cleaning, repair, conditioning cleaning, sanitising, AC duct cleaning, disinfection and servicing in the entire Dubai region. Contact Saniservice to learn more about all that their company has to offer. For an insight of their Swiss concept of disinfection; please visit:


Why you should consider AC duct cleaning?

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The top most priority of all home and workplace is efficiently save money on energy costs. In a time of ever rising costs, to start saving on your energy bills right away is through getting more efficient and effective use from your AC system as it is one of the easiest ways. You can count on professional air duct cleaning company Dubai to help your budget by bringing down significantly your energy costs.

Air duct cleaning is a necessity process if you have moulds, rodents or if your air ducts are clogged with particles of dust and debris. The air filter traps dirt and keeps sit from entering your home and workplace. Hence if you suspect the growth of moulds, rodents, or an excessive amount of dust, then it’s time for you to decide if you want to clean the ducts yourself or hire someone professional to do it.

You might take up the decision to do it yourself if:

  • You have gotten rid of rodents completely.
  • Your air ducts are easy to access.
  • Mould is minor and hasn’t overrun the entire system.


You can hire professional AC cleaning company in Dubai to do it for you if:

  • You still have rodents in the duct.
  • Mould is widespread or in hard to reach places.
  • You air ducts are hard to access.
  • You want to get the entire line of ducts cleaned.


Another simplest yet most effective measure to take is to have the ducts of your AC system cleaned thoroughly and properly. This will entail no involvement of new equipment and that too at no major expenses. You can have your AC ducts professionally cleaned to increase the working efficiency of your unit and further to bring down your utility bills. It is recommended to have your ducts cleaned every two to four years by expert AC cleaning company in Dubai.

As per the estimates provided by utility companies around 10 to 20 percent of heated or cooled air tend to get lost through leaky ducts. This simply indicates that the money being spent on heating or cooling isn’t accomplishing anything but posing a wreaking havoc with your budget. An AC duct system that has been rightly sealed will immediately make your AC system work more efficient, translating that you’re saving money.

If you have your AC ducts professionally cleaned you are able to save more on your utility as well as energy bills, further it will add to the shelf life of your AC system and hence it will last longer. With the apposite removal of dust and build up, you and your family will be able to breathe easier knowing that you are not inhaling irritants that can contribute to various allergies and illness. The well-trained technicians are diligently able to attend to different AC cleaning requirements and AC duct cleaning methods.

Contact Saniservice as they are the most reliable and efficient AC cleaning company in Dubai. Please visit: for more details.

Is it feasible to clean AC Coils yourselves?

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AC Cleaning Services DubaiThe answer to the above question might be yes only if you understand some of the details of maintaining an air conditioning system. However it is easy to clean the condenser coil, which is outside, on the contrary, the evaporator coil is trickier as it is inside. Whether you are able to do it yourself depends somewhat on how handy you are and partly on the type of model you own.

Irrespective of the position of the coils whether indoors or out, dirt on the coils usually acts as a blanket and keeps heat from transferring proficiently. Moreover, a dirty evaporator coil can become covered with mildew which poses a more serious problem since the air that circulates in your place passes straight over this part of the system.

Although, the condenser coil is easiest to clean, tends to become dirty most recurrently, you must keep in mind that the routine maintenance schedule should include cleaning away fallen leaves & figs and protecting the box housing the coil from grass clippings. Start with removing the cover and use a paint brush to clean debris off the aluminium fins, follow it with rinsing of everything with a hose. You have to take care not to bend the fins. In case you do bend them, try to realign them carefully with a fin comb or you can call AC cleaning company in Dubai for professional help for your AC, because if you are not able to do it in the correct manner, you are more likely to cause more damage to the fins.

The method of cleaning the evaporator coil is almost but it doesn’t need to be done more often. If the AC ducts are sealed and the housing around the heating and air-conditioning components are well-built, practically all of the air passing over the evaporator coil are likely to pass through the filter of your AC system. In such situations, simply changing the filter monthly, when you are running the air conditioner often – you just need to do to keep the evaporator coil clean for longer duration. However, if the housing around the evaporator coil starts leaking air or if the ducts aren’t sealed, you may be needed to clean it quite often.

Hence the question still remains that can you do this yourself or is it feasible to clean AC coils yourself? Most of the AC manufacturers design their equipment for easy access. While others make it difficult in a way that the coil are required to be removed and cleaned outdoors after the refrigerant is first drained, this should be tackled only by someone with the gears and experience needed to make sure none of it spills.

Some professional help would be a wise idea. Simply call the professional and expert AC cleaning companies in Dubai for efficiently cleaning the AC and improving indoor air quality.

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AC Disinfection: The Job of an AC Cleaning Company in Dubai

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indoor air quality in dubaiEver wondered that why do you feel lethargic without any motivation to work? Why does everyone frequently complain of dizziness, fatigue, headaches, breathing problems, allergies, nausea or various other health complications without any particular reason?

 Have you ever given a thought why all these complications happen? You are very much concerned about hygiene with regular mopping, cleaning and dusting, yet these types of ailments still exist. Most of the ailments that we come across in our daily lives are the result of poor and infected quality of indoor air that we breathe in.

A normal individual spends 90% of his time indoors and therefore it becomes very essential to maintain a proper indoor air quality (IOQ). Indoor air is often one of the most common causes that affect the health and productivity of an individual.

We all like to spend our time in an environment that is pleasant and free from humidity and air conditioners provide us the perfect solution. However what we fail to see is that air conditioners when not properly maintained, operated or installed can become a breeding ground for various molds and micro organisms. The dark and damp environment provided by air conditioners are the perfect growing grounds of molds and microbes. Any person inhaling the contaminated air can have serious consequences on his health. It therefore becomes highly essential for each organisation and household to carry out a proper and regular AC cleaning regimen in order to get rid of the harmful contaminants from the air.

If every time when you switch on your air conditioning unit you are greeted with a blast of stale and damp smelling air, it suggests that your air conditioning unit is contaminated with mold growth and it is the time that you call an AC cleaning company in Dubai. By availing the professional AC duct cleaning services, you not only ensure a healthy environment for you and your loved ones, but also make sure that you have substantial energy savings.

Here are the benefits of AC disinfection –


  • Helps in removing harmful and disease causing bacteria, molds and other microbes.
  • Helps in removing stale and bad odour.
  • Improves the overall quality of air.
  • Helps in getting rid of dust, debris and dirt from the air conditioner.
  • Helps in maintaining a pure and healthy environment.
  • Helps in having substantial energy consumption.

Always remember that if there are impurities in the air conditioning unit, they are going directly in your lungs.

Air conditioners are the ideal breeding grounds for viruses and bacteria that thrive on humid and wet conditions. Despite the fact that air conditioners have become a necessity, most of the people overlook the fact that the air that we are inhaling can be full of harmful microorganisms that can have various ill effects on a person’s health. In order to provide a healthy living environment to you and your family, it becomes critical to regularly check your AC units for any type of contamination to breathe in an air that is free from dirt, dust, pollens, molds and smoke particles.