Does Duct Cleaning Actually Help?

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To answer this question we must first understand what is a Ducting and what is it there for. An AC Duct is a causeway or a passageway for air that has been cooled or heated air to be delivered to certain parts of the building. Usually, AC ducts are made out of insulated materials like fibered glass cut and formed to the desired shape and size. Sometimes a flexible duct can be used for the same purpose.

Diagram of AC Ducts

A Diagram of the typical AC Duct found in homes and offices

As the AC does its job of sucking in, cooling down and blowing air back out – airborne particles are caught with it. Although AC systems have filters, this is usually not enough to sift the billions of particles that float around an area on a daily basis.

Eventually, particles of dust, pet dander, mould spores and other particles are sucked in and blown through the moist AC evaporator coils. As it passes through the wet surface of the AC system, these foreign particles get caught and stick on the coils and builds up overtime. When this happens, moulds are the first to thrive as these are the perfect conditions for them to grow in.

As Moulds and dirt build up in the evaporator coils, they eventually render the AC inefficient thus some AC loses the ability to cool and even dry the air that passes through it. When moist air is blown through the ducts, this is when our ducts experience the same process of having moisture and foreign particles clinging on its surfaces. Eventually, it finds its way through your AC vents and to your lungs.

This is why a complete AC System and Duct cleaning is important because more than anywhere else in the world, Dubai has all the ingredients to make our Ducting and AC system experience all of the aforementioned.

It is very important therefore to make sure that you ask the AC Duct cleaners to clean and disinfect the whole system by dismantling the blowers, evaporators, drainage trays and drainage pipes and thoroughly go through every inch of the ducts. This is the only way to make sure that no corner is left unclean, since a single speck of mould spore can trigger the whole process all over again in no time.


The Maintenance of Air-conditioning Unit and Choosing the Best Service Provider

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air-conditioning-health-concernsBig office companies have their designated staff to check their air-conditioning units’ maintenance. Owners or managers are guaranteed that someone is monitoring and is doing the follow-ups on the schedule. What about the AC in your home? There is no other person to check on it rather than yourself. Reading this article will save you from getting lost on the regular check-ups. Upon purchase of your AC unit, you have to ask for the facts to remember in maintaining the said unit. It is better to know everything about the unit you bought because it has to serve you for the longest time. Even though you have bought the best brand, it is still important that it will be well-maintained. Don’t just let your money and effort be wasted.

Cleaning the AC units of many households is being overlooked. They just tend to enjoy the cold night not realizing its correct maintenance and use. The more often it is switched on, the more it has to be cleaned regularly. Fungi and other germs are prevented to grow with regular schedule of cleaning as it also takes you away from sickness. Indoor air quality must always be the best to ensure healthy lungs or respiratory system. Pollutants can be removed by disinfectants free from chemicals.

You are spared from the following problems if your AC is regularly cleaned!

  • No respiratory health concerns – health is always the primary concern of everyone. If you are able to build a beautiful house then what can make you forget your family’s health? Allergies with colds and cough may be the start of more serious respiratory problems.
  • No value wasted from your money – you did not buy an AC unit just to stress yourself in surrendering it for constant repairs.
  • No extra and untimely expenses for repairs – regular maintenance make your pocket save and avoid unexpected expenses. You will have less stress knowing your unit is good as ever.
  • AC unit is free from repairs – a unit that is not frequently repaired looks new even it was bought for past couple of months.

You have to look for the best AC cleaning company for some peace of mind. The worries and pressure you get from work are enough. Little worries about your AC system should not add to them. You are not worth to worry for little things. Avoid all of those worries and choose the service provider with these requirements:

  • Offers best deals with signed agreements that includes term the maintenance or repair be finished, cost and other important details.
  • Tested by your friends or relatives.
  • Best services with customer’s inquiries politely answered.
  • Well-trained staff and technicians.
  • Licensed and authorized.
  • Comes and do their job on time
  • Does the right procedures from start to finish
  • Offers safe method

Air is a free substance that surrounds you everywhere you go. The air you breathe can ruin your health or make you healthy. Healthy air comes from clean AC system.





The Benefits of Well-maintained AC System

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16845AirconditionerDo you know how cleaning and maintenance affect your one of the treasured appliance at home? It frees you from greater worries. How about your AC units in your office? Are you aware of its scheduled check-ups? How often do you follow-up with your staff if your units are well-maintained by your official technicians? It is good if you also can do the checking every now and then to be sure that every AC unit in your office is working well. After all, it is you who gets affected in the end when problem arises. Before problems get worse, it is advisable that you take precautionary measures. Avoiding these problems make life easier. It is better to rest and sleep with your mind free from worries.

Being the owner of an office goes with your concern for the employees. It is your responsibility to make them safe from illnesses. Good health means good output. There will be no sick leaves filed by employees. It is the same thing at home. Your children’s health is on top of the list. There are many things you get from managing the maintenance of your AC units at home and in the office. The help of a good AC maintenance company will be great to avoid more expenses in the future.

Here are the factors you have to do to maintain your AC units.

  • Look for the best company with good technicians for check-ups and maintenance.
  • Keep a logbook for schedules.
  • Make the schedules work at the exact date.
  • Be attentive and observant from time to time with how your AC works.
  • Choose the best AC brand.

There’s more great things in-store for you with regular AC check-up and maintenance!

  • Reasonable Electricity Bill – this bill will not leave you. It is your monthly responsibility and can make you stressed before the due date. Better yet, avoid making it go higher. Always make your technicians check your AC units.
  • Clean Air – it takes you away from sicknesses. You are sure your loved ones and employees get good health if the air in your office and rooms are free from bacteria, pollens and smog.
  • No Repairs for Years – AC units are made to last longer if cleaned on the given schedule. If something happens and the units could not function anymore, there will be more hassles but lesser output. Your children and even yourself will find it difficult to have a complete rest at home.
  • No Overhead Expenses – maintaining your AC system makes you save money. There will also be no wasted effort and time in calling and getting the services of the maintenance people. For a businessman like you, time and money are both important. Every tic of the clock and every dime is counted, so it would be better to comply with the regular check-up of all your AC units installed at home and in the office. It is a promise of lesser worries and serious AC problems with its regular maintenance.


Cleaned Air Ducts by Reputable Service Provider

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ac cleaning in dubaiThe quality of indoor air is now checked carefully by homeowners. Like you, they also want the best possible clean air when they are at home. No one would like to breathe contaminated air as it causes health concerns particularly in the respiratory system. You would not let your children’s health be at risk nor your wallet! Just like any appliance or equipment, a well-maintained duct system gives you the benefit of paying for lesser power bill. It is great to enjoy life with lesser worries.

Air duct cleaning to its true sense is the cleaning of all parts of the duct system. The whole system includes fan motor and fan housing, grilles and diffusers, heating and cooling coils and heat exchangers. All parts must be free from dirt, debris and oil.  Everything must be properly re-attached and checked if still functioning. The recurrence of moist causes further negative effects to the function of the duct system. Re-contamination occurs if any one of the components is not properly cleaned. The cost for duct cleaning depends on the climate, the level of contamination, size and accessibility. It may range from $450.00 – $1,000.00.

The pros of having your air duct cleaned by good service provider:

  • You are secured that the people are all harmless.
  • Your air duct system is safe from being disrupted.
  • Each component is properly cleaned.
  • The duct’s components are free from dirt and debris.
  • It gives out clean air.
  • Safety from chemical biocides and chemical treatments.
  • Sealants placed on the system assure you of air without dust.
  • Maintained cleanliness inside your home as they don’t mess up the carpet or the floor.
  • Controlled brushing of the components.
  • Checked if there is asbestos in the system as it should be removed only by well-trained contractors.
  • Uses high-efficiency particle air (HEPA) vaccuming equipment.

The cons of hiring the services of lesser quality service provider:

  • The whole duct system may be at risk of malfunctioning.
  • There will be more contaminants.
  • Growth of much moisture.
  • Components attached by the use of duct tape only.
  • You are not sure of your hone’s safety.
  • Might use chemicals in cleaning method.
  • Fake technicians might be able to enter your household.
  • Might mess-up your floors and walls by uncontrolled brushing.

This is a sample checklist to check if your duct was cleaned properly.

  • Blower                                  – must be free from oil and other debris
  • Cooling Components      – coil drain pan must be draining properly
  • Metal Ducts                        – no visible debris
  • Plenums                              – no moisture stains and dust
  • Fiber Glass                          – free from tears and in good condition
  • Air Vents                             – diffusers, grilles and registers are re-attached firmly
  • Access Doors                     – should be attached by screws or rivets
  • System Operation           – both heating and cooling systems must still be functioning well

All pointers given to you are of most important consideration in choosing the best service provider and maintaining air ducts.  Always have in mind that good service providers give you papers with agreements on terms and costs for the complete and proper cleaning process.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Air Conditioners in Dubai, UAE

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1363113908693Air conditioners or ACs are widely used all over the world. When it comes to high-end modern cities like Dubai in United Arab Emirates where technology has a vast hold, air conditioners are extremely common. Another factor that adds to their popularity there are the hot weathers people deal with most of the times during a year – with such hear, having an AC becomes kind of necessary. Likewise, in Dubai, like everywhere else in the world, air conditioner cleaning and disinfecting becomes important. Proper and professional cleaning and disinfection services have too many benefits. If you own an AC in Dubai, UAE, then make sure to focus on getting professional cleaning and disinfecting regularly.

Benefits of Cleaning and Disinfection Services

AC’s are literally throwing out air into the environment. In a closed room with AC cooling, the people inside are breathing that very air. Hence, clean ACs become essential for health reasons and environmental protection. Apart from these services being necessary, people also enjoy various benefits of AC cleaning and disinfection in Dubai, UAE such as:

  • Longevity of your AC: An AC that is not properly maintained and left to corrode in dust, dirt, and mold can get broken very easily without any chance of full repair. To maintain your AC’s life and to extend it, regular cleaning and disinfecting should be regularly considered.
  • Better airflow: The reason your AC is there is to provide cooling air in the hot weathers of Dubai, UAE. There is no point to it if it does not give you the proper cooling air. Long intervals without cleaning and disinfecting can clog up the vents and slow down the machine, breaking up air flow.
  • Reduction in electricity bills: A significant part of your electricity bill is there because of using your AC but that does not mean it has to be as high as it is. It has been noted that cleaner and disinfected AC’s lower electricity charges and the unmaintained ones raise them.

Why Disinfect?

Many people think that just getting their ACs cleaned will be full maintenance and their AC does not really need disinfection. This is false, because cleaning away dust and debris is just as important as getting rid of mold and bacteria. If you let the mold or mildew be, anyone who breathes in the air from the air conditioner is vulnerable to health risks like allergies, asthma, and bronchitis, flus, hay fever, sore throat, etc. The risks of these diseases increase even more if your AC is used on a regular basis and living in Dubai of UAE, that is most probably the very case.

There is no denying that AC’s in Dubai’s hot weather are a blessing but do not let them harm you, your family, or the environment. A full extensive cleaning and disinfecting service should be used every year, at least. You get to enjoy the benefits of your AC properly with proper maintenance.


What You Should Know about Indoor Air Quality

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One of the things that people seem to take for granted these days is the indoor air quality. When people look for a house, apartment or office space, IAQ is the least of their concerns. It is only when they start to get sick when they consider the importance of air quality. Polluted air can lead to irritation of the nose, throat, and eyes. Eyes will be irritated, and people tend to cough, wheeze, or have difficulty in breathing. Existing heart and lung problems will worsen, and allergies will be developed.

The best way to fight against pollutants is to stop them from going in your home or office. An air testing service can help pinpoint the pollutants as well as test the air quality if it is within IAQ standards. The service can identify the pollutants and their levels. They can also take steps to remove the pollutants. Common air pollutants that are harmful to the health are second-hand smoke, asbestos, formaldehyde, and radon.

If you are in the United Arab Emirates, you can call an indoor air quality Dubai improvement and air conditioning service that will take corrective actions to get rid of the pollutants. Homeowners and business owners can also help in the indoor air quality improvement by keeping the floors of the home or office clean. That involves vacuuming, mopping and replacing mats and rugs with clean ones.

A good AC system can also help remove pollutants from entering your home. Air conditioners are designed to pull out air and push in cooler air. When pulling out air, it also takes the pollutants from the room. Then it replenishes it with cleaner air that passed through the air filters. It is important to keep the filters clean. These simple steps can help with your indoor air quality improvement efforts.

Indicators of Poor Indoor Air Quality

 Colds and Allergies

If most of the people at home or in the workplace are suffering from allergies or colds, chances are the air quality is bad. But using allergies as a gauge can be hard because people who susceptible to allergies will show allergic reactions first, and the others will think it is just a normal allergy attack.

 Higher Electric Bills

When the air conditioner is working harder than usual, it would result to higher electric bills. Regular maintenance of the AC unit should be done. This includes changing the filters and checking for moisture building that could lead to potential air contamination. A properly functioning air conditioner can get rid of the air pollutants.

 Improper Air Flow

If the air conditioner is in good, working order but some areas have stale air compared to others, it could be the case of build-up of pollutants in the ducts that restrict airflow. If the ends of the ducts have screens, you can probably clean the ducts.

Indoor air quality improvement must be done in order to maintain the wellness of the people at home or in the workplace. Spotting indoor air pollution early can keep people health and save you time and money in the future.

The Effects of Indoor Air Quality in Allergic Rhinitis

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Allergy Rhinitis and Indoor Air QAll we just want for ourselves and for our family is a good and safe place to live in that is away from illnesses and sicknesses.

Allergic rhinitis is one of the illnesses I rather not want to experience so an indoor air quality is a must inside the home or at the office to avoid inhaling the dust and other microorganisms sticking on the objects. This allergy could be one of the bad things you are going to get if you have indoor air quality problems in any kind of offices, buildings or homes.

What causes allergic rhinitis? It might be a result of an allergic person contacting several times with protein from plants. Pollens are extremely small, dry and light protein particles that grasses and weeds produce and when it spread and inhaled by a person can cause sneezing and occurrence of allergies like rhinitis.

However, skin testing is performed with minimal discomfort:

  • When a small amount of allergy is visible on the skin
  • Through INRATDERMAL METHOD in which an injection is tested on a small amount of the test substance into the skin
  • If the skin has reddish color, then the individual is sensitized to a particular allergen.
  • Skin testing is not indicated for people who have skin conditions.

Not just this type of allergy but also headache, fatigue, sinus congestion, dizziness, nausea, coughing and sneezing and shortness of breath are also caused by poor indoor air quality inside your home.

The comfort of your own home or at the office will just keep you alive and healthy if there is a good indoor air quality more in the inner side of the area than the outside part. People who are staying at home are prone to such allergy because they are more expose on air pollutants and allergens that exist in the air. So to avoid this illness we must do something that occupants will never have difficulty in breathing from the inside part.

One of the tools to reduce the increasing airborne contaminants is getting an air purifier in your home. Air purifiers are one of the best solutions to improve indoor air quality. With air purifiers in place, allergic attacks would be less because you can be sure that you are breathing the right quality of air inside your home or office. In fact, there are various solutions to maintain a good indoor air quality in order to keep your life safe and healthy. You can ask more information about air purifiers and cleaning solution kits of most service companies in Dubai to give solution to your needs. There are different choices available for you but there is no other choice in providing the best services and products by visiting their website for more guiding tips.


Dubai Indoor Quality

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Travelling to Dubai

Indoor Air Quality DubaiDubai is one of the most famous cities in the United Arab Emirates. The city has also been considered as the most populous city with more than two million in the last 2013 census. Dubai is the second largest in territorial size after Abu Dhabi. The city of Dubai has been well-known to many tourists around the world. For many years now, the city of Dubai has been one of the world’s best destinations.

Some of Dubai’s attractions are Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world; Burj Al Arab which considered being the only 7-start hotel in the world and the fourth tallest hotel in the world and the Dubai Fountains as the world’s most amazing fountain and also known to be the world’s largest dancing fountain. The list could go on and on that is why more and more people who are considered tourists in Dubai decided to stay longer and even migrate especially if they found an opportunity to have a career and stay for good.

For many people, Dubai is a land of opportunity because of its development in many industries. Many tourists have also think of Dubai as one of the world’s best destinations because of the many things it can offer and the diverse experience it could give to its visitors. Travelling to Dubai could be a great experience but people should consider planning their trip to make sure they would enjoy their visit especially for first time travelers.

Your travel to Dubai could be very enjoyable if you do the research. First and foremost on Dubai’s flight schedules. Another crucial part of the travel is booking the perfect hotel for whole duration of your stay. Make sure to check the weather condition since the city has a high desert climate. Those who are coming from cold countries may have a hard time adjusting. The Dubai Indoor Air Quality is also a very important factor to consider when looking for a place to stay especially if you are staying in Dubai for a long period of time. Most of the season, this place is extremely heat that even bus stops are fully air conditioned.

The city is becoming more urbanized and industrial which buildings have more tendency of having air pollutants. It is necessary to check your air conditioning system to ensure everyone`s health that is why Dubai`s clean air carriage system can increase the efficiency of reducing the heat. Air purifier is a best tool to filter with anti-microbial substance to prevent the propagation of bacteria in the air. By adding humidifier, the moisture to your home is a way to suspend particles to circulate in the air. With years of experience in improving indoor air quality, some services have been one of the leading companies in providing high quality AC cleaning services and air purifier or humidifier products in the region. Visit their website to take you in the right direction on hunting the right air purifier or humidifier.

What to Look First When Renting a Home or Office Space? IAQ

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Business people fearing swineflu virus

Did you hear of issues regarding sick buildings or offices? Indoor air quality is one of the epidemic problems in every closed place like homes and office spaces. An excellent place for home or office should provide an indoor air quality for its dwellers. The health and comfort of the occupants should be the first and foremost concern of the building owners or the landlords. Providing the highest quality of comfort and convenience must be at the top of mind of every home or building owners.  Construction and real estate companies should put into consideration the long-term effect of air quality when designing and constructing homes and buildings for their clients.

When the design is well-planned and proper ventilation is considered and implemented, building owners can make sure that their structure could offer the needed comfort and convenience to their occupants. Good ventilation and a convenient space are what renters should look first when looking for a home or office space to rent.  Good ventilation can provide an indoor air quality which is favorable for those who are using the space even for a long span of time.

Another thing to look into when considering a rented space is the maintenance of the place like how it is being cleaned or how often it is being scheduled for repainting. Life indoors has a big effect on the physical and psychological well-being of the occupants thus these things shall also be considered.  The thermal comfort, lighting and visual qualities are also another areas to be put into consideration.

Breathe well and easy whether at home or office:

Getting air purifiers and humidifiers are one of the important solutions for poor indoor air quality in order to breathe easy at home or at work. According to research, an outdoor air is two to five times cleaner than indoor that is why staying indoor is more dangerous to your anyone`s health. With these different types, shapes and sizes of these devices, you can control the source of sicknesses and boost your indoor ventilation. Indoor air quality problems can be treated quickly with the use of common sense and awareness. Practicing indoor air quality management gives greater impact in indoor environment.

Having a rented place that offers the comfort of your very own home and with good indoor air quality can also provide a secured feeling and peace of mind. The place can also be enhanced when added with plants and different kind of flowers that suits the tenants preference. A wonderful living space especially if you are a family and you have kids to raise is the one that provides an area where you can bond and do things together during your family bonding time. Finally, achieving good indoor air quality can give an ever-all happiness and comfort of the entire family. To ensure indoor air quality, you can take a look on some services in Dubai which is one of the leading distributor of 100% guaranteed air purifiers and humidifiers for both home and office space.

Indoor Air Quality using Air Purifiers

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air-quality-servicesAre you suffering from sneezing, coughing, breathing difficulty and skin rashes while staying at home? Indeed there is a problem causing these allergies and maybe one of the factors is having poor indoor air quality. Sometimes indoor air pollutions are man-made such as air heating and cooling system which air is distributed through a system of ducts and vents.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has significant effects to your health. Many people consider staying indoor due to outside high level of air pollution but the fact is, the air in your home is more polluted than the air outside. Why? Because most homes are designed for energy efficiency and do not have enough ventilation to disperse the pollutants in the air. Here are some tips to configure things at home that can cause air pollution:

Furniture and cabinets made from wood materials that will release formaldehyde. Different type of combustion can also be unhealthy. Household cleaning products and air fresheners can increase air pollution.  Also radon chemical that enters through basement walls can cause lung cancer. Many things inside your home are unsafe for your health therefore you must have a good indoor air quality.

Now is the time to own an air purifier for your health`s safety. Air purifiers are great weapons to fight indoor air pollutants and contaminants. It can be installed in a central heating and cooling system to treat the air. No one enjoys suffering allergy symptoms and that is the reason to find possible ways to minimize the effects of allergens at home. Purifiers can lessen the germs and bacteria in the air and reduce illnesses. Owning an air purifier is certainly a worthwhile investment for your family`s health and safety. So, get air purifiers at reasonable price considering the fact that you will get clean and healthy air. Remember that good health cannot be overstated!