Things to Watch for When Cleaning Condenser Coils

Things to Watch for When Cleaning Condenser Coils

Things to Watch for When Cleaning Condenser Coils

What is a condenser coil?

Condenser coils are about the size of a huge trash bin however they can be as little as a basin or as large as a cooler. Some are covered in grills that contain tubes with refrigerants. Their metal blades assist move with warming to the air. They contain tubes that emit hot refrigerant. This further emits heat as it gathers. Here’s why cleaning condenser coils is essential.


Some windblown seeds, residue and grass clippings will most likely gather on the coil surface. Little do people know, this acts as a protective cover, hindering the section of warmth from inside to outside your house. Any dirt or debris that amasses would likewise meddle with wind stream over the coil, further confining the unit’s capacity to oust heat.


Cleaning condenser coils outside consistently will build the effectiveness of your air conditioner system and ensure your speculation. This is a simple DIY cleaning venture, yet you can likewise enlist ac cleaning companies to clean your unit for you, in the event that you don’t have time. Cleaning the condenser is particularly significant if there are dirt and debris developing around your unit, a bulk of leaves or even tiny grass clippings.

How does condenser coils work?

The condenser is technically an open-air unit that truly controls the entire activity of your ac system. The cool air goes through each one of those loops you see enclosed by grills and around the blower. As the fan in the A/C pulls air over the coils, they are cooled. As the coils cool, the vaporous refrigerant starts forming a more fluid like state. The blower at that point completes the occupation by expanding the weight the refrigerant is under consequently expanding its breaking point. This a lot higher breaking point presently implies that the refrigerant is turned into a fluid since it isn’t almost hot enough to bubble over. This fluid is currently pushed once more into the thin copper line and got back to the coil to begin the cycle once more.

Moving your cooling unit can be an overwhelming undertaking, yet on the off chance that the unit isn’t appropriately leveled, it might neglect to work appropriately and could cause refrigerant holes. Make certain to utilize a level to check your unit in any event once per year, as the earth under your unit is continually changing and settling. If unsure how to do this on your own, you can always ask help from ac experts who can do the job for you.

Why is it Important to Clean Air Conditioning Coils?

Presently, there are a couple of more specialized terms, parts, and science to this cycle we call cooling. Here are simple steps to clean condenser coils.

  1. Turn Off the A/C at the Thermostat and Shut Off the Power to the Condensing Unit
  2. Remove the Top Part of the Condenser
  3. Remove the Caging
  4. Clean Out the Debris at the base of the unit
  5. Comb Out the Smashed Fins
  6. Presoak the Unit
  7. Spray the Coils Down With Your Cleaner Mix (detergent & water)


Spread the coils’ front and back, base to finish off with a sound portion of your coil cleaner. Let the cleaning solution sink in and afterward hose it down once more. Always follow the instructions given by the manufacturer of your coil cleaner for blending proportions and standard dry time. Use a cleaner that is non-corrosive and eco-friendly.

If you can’t do this on your own, you can always seek help from experts who will do cleaning condenser coils for you.