AC Disinfection

AC Disinfection Explained: What Goes In & Out Your AC System


AC Disinfection

It is very crucial to maintain clean, fresh air especially indoors. To ensure your AC is working in top condition, you need to regularly clean and perform ac disinfection. This helps your AC last longer and circulate clean air all throughout the house.

How is AC Cleaning & AC Disinfection  Done?

Your ac collects dirt while it’s working. Accumulating too much dust and dirt in your AC system will cause problems and issues such as water leakage from AC, cooling problems, and noise. What is even more alarming and important is that a dirty AC can breed harmful pathogens that can cause health issues.

There are steps you can do to avoid this and the best one is to ensure your AC is regularly deep cleaned. AC disinfection is done after the air conditioning system has been deep cleaned, which removes bacteria and germs that are harmful to your health.

1. Air channel and vent cleaning

Air channel and vent cleaning

The air ducts get the most residue and soil. Filthy air ducts cause issues like cooling and noise. During the ac cleanings service, the technician washes and cleans the air ducts. The condenser blades are likewise washed and cleaned for any molds and residue developed during AC service.

2. AC condenser and ac coil cleaning

AC condenser and ac coil cleaning

Residue and dirt are the main blockages in terms of cooling your AC system. During the ac disinfection service, the technician collects the dirt and residue from the condenser coil and evaporator coils  and other key parts of the ac unit.  For instance, in split AC, the condenser coils are in the outside unit. This should also be cleaned and well kept.

3. AC condenser and evaporator fan cleaning

AC condenser and evaporator fan cleaning

During the AC deep cleaning, the technician will clean the residue and molds from the condenser and evaporator fans, and sharp edges. In a split AC the condenser fan is in the outside unit.

4. Duct cleaning and water leak check

ac duct cleaning

After, the technician checks the AC unit for any water leakage taking place. They should also check any from the lines and cylinders inside the ac unit.

5. Coolant level check in ac unit

Coolant level check in ac unit

Even after all the cleaning is done, there should be routine checks to see if the cooling level is fine. If it’s not working properly, there must be something wrong with the coolant.

6. AC Disinfection

AC disinfect

This step is often skipped by most ac cleaning companies thinking cleaning is enough. A disinfectant is applied on to the ducts’ surface & vents, to effectively remove any bacteria or germs that when emitted into the air, can be harmful to health. The disinfection process can be applied using a fog machine or wiped into surfaces.