mold in ac ducts

Air Duct Cleaning Dubai

Are you concerned about the quality of air that you breathe in? Are you aware that most of the diseases spread through air?
Do you know that you may be inhaling an air full of disease-bearing molds and microorganisms right now?

If yes, then when was the last time you cleaned your air ducts?

We all love the cool air we breathe in, often forgetting that we are also inhaling deadly mold and disease causing microorganisms. Air duct cleaning, thus, becomes a prerequisite for a healthy environment.

mold in ac ductsThe key purpose of air duct cleaning is to eliminate contamination such as garbage, moisture and dust from the supply and exhaust systems in a manner that stops the air passing through the ventilation system in coming in contact with unhygienic surfaces. Duct cleaning and disinfection of the ventilation system facilitates in the removal of even those organisms, such as bacteria, fungi and mites which are not visible to the naked eye. Diseases including SARS, swine flu, as well as the risk of other air-borne ailments can be reduced by air duct cleaning and disinfection.

Air duct cleaning should be carried out every two-three years to ensure a healthier environment.

The Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of every house is important and a pure heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) system is critical for maintaining a clean, healthy and comfortable living environment.

Furthermore, a cleaned air duct system is also more efficient and results in lesser energy consumption, ultimately leading to lower electricity bills.

For people who suffer from allergic diseases, respiratory ailments or asthma, duct cleaning becomes the foremost priority for them. Duct cleaners facilitate in removal of dirt, dust, pollen and other airborne contaminants that get pulled into the HVAC system, each time the ac runs. These airborne contaminants with time keep on accumulating in the ductwork making it a breeding ground for microorganisms such as fungus, spores, mildew, bacteria and molds.

There are several indicators that suggest that you require duct cleaning. The major indicators are –

  • A stale or musty odor every time you turn on the air conditioner.
  • Little or no air flow from vents.
  • Constantly falling sick and more and more allergies.
  • Occurrence of nasal congestion, headaches or other sinus problems during or after sleep
  • While cleaning, an excess layer of dust gets accumulated over furniture.
  • After cleaning, there is still leftover dust in the area.
  • If the ducts are infected with insects or rodents.

Air duct cleaning is the cleaning of the HVAC system components that include heating and cooling coils, diffusers and griller fan housing, motor and air handling units.

In case of faulty installation, maintenance or operation, the components may become polluted with foreign particles leading to microbial growth. A proper duct cleaning involves specialized tools for dislodging the debris and dirt from the ducts. The waste material is then vacuumed out using a high powered vacuum cleaner. If the menace of molds has increased, then the requirement of chemical biocides may also arise. So get your duct cleaned and give you and those around you a healthy environment.

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