AC Evaporator Coil

AC Evaporator Coil or Cooling Coil Methods

Imagine a day in office without an AC, or a day of blistering heat and your car AC not providing sufficient cooling. Or imagine a scenario that you are at home and your AC not cooling effectively. Air conditioners have become an inseparable part of our lives and it is almost impossible to imagine a scenario without them. So when it comes to their maintenance, why do we neglect them completely?

AC Evaporator Coil

The Evaporator coil or the cooling coil is found inside the air handler and is employed to cool the air blown across it. Overtime a lot of debris and dirt accumulate on an AC’s heat pump coil, blocking the airflow across the coil. This results in more power consumption. In some severe scenarios, condensing or cooling coils can become so jammed resulting in reducing the air flow. Moreover, it can also lead to a cooling coil or evaporator to become overheated, or even a damaged compressor. Thus evaporation coil cleaning is an activity which should be properly taken care of.

Furthermore, a jammed evaporator coil can result in the HVAC compressors to run at over normal temperatures. This can result in breaking down the lubricants circulating inside the air conditioning system, having an impact on the overall life of the compressor motor.

A complete regimen of AC evaporator coil cleaning requires cutting of refrigerant lines, coil and other components removal for cleaning, recharging with refrigerant and re installation. However this type of service is expensive and owing to this, various much simpler cleaning methods such as sprays and foams are used these days.

HVAC evaporation cleaning through compressed air –

Another significant process of evaporation cleaning is by blowing it off with compressed air, a faster method for coil cleaning. However this type of process involves blowing of debris, dust and probably mould into the building air. Air is sprayed from the cleaner side of the coil in the opposite direction from the normal air flow across the coil.

Brush Cleaning –

A soft brush is employed for the coil cleaning in cases when the coil is soiled with a little coating of debris and dust. This method should be followed at regular intervals as it can drastically reduce your monthly cooling costs. Furthermore, by cleaning the ac evaporator coils from time to time, you may also be able to avoid more expensive wearisome coil cleaning procedures.

AC coil cleaning with chemicals –

AC coils can also be cleaned with the use of chemicals both alkaline and acidic. However chemicals should only be applied in cases where there is an excessive problem of dirt, debris or molds. However chemicals should not be frequently used as they can cause corrosion damage to the unit, in addition to producing toxic fumes and gases.

Other important methods of coil cleaning include pressure washers, detergents, foam and spray and steam cleaning depending upon the requirement. So whatever may be your requirement, timely get your evaporator coil cleaned and enjoy a fresh and molds free air.

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