AC Evaporator Coil

Is it feasible to clean AC Coils yourselves?

AC Cleaning Services DubaiThe answer to the above question might be yes only if you understand some of the details of maintaining an air conditioning system. However it is easy to clean the condenser coil, which is outside, on the contrary, the evaporator coil is trickier as it is inside. Whether you are able to do it yourself depends somewhat on how handy you are and partly on the type of model you own.

Irrespective of the position of the coils whether indoors or out, dirt on the coils usually acts as a blanket and keeps heat from transferring proficiently. Moreover, a dirty evaporator coil can become covered with mildew which poses a more serious problem since the air that circulates in your place passes straight over this part of the system.

Although, the condenser coil is easiest to clean, tends to become dirty most recurrently, you must keep in mind that the routine maintenance schedule should include cleaning away fallen leaves & figs and protecting the box housing the coil from grass clippings. Start with removing the cover and use a paint brush to clean debris off the aluminum fins, follow it with rinsing of everything with a hose. You have to take care not to bend the fins. In case you do bend them, try to realign them carefully with a fin comb or you can call AC cleaning company in Dubai for professional help for your AC, because if you are not able to do it in the correct manner, you are more likely to cause more damage to the fins.

The method of cleaning the ac evaporator coils is almost but it doesn’t need to be done more often. If the AC ducts are sealed and the housing around the heating and air-conditioning components are well-built, practically all of the air passing over the evaporator coil are likely to pass through the filter of your AC system. In such situations, simply changing the filter monthly, when you are running the air conditioner often – you just need to do to keep the evaporator coil clean for longer duration. However, if the housing around the evaporator coil starts leaking air or if the ducts aren’t sealed, you may be needed to clean it quite often.

Hence the question still remains that can you do this yourself or is it feasible to clean AC coils yourself? Most of the AC manufacturers design their equipment for easy access. While others make it difficult in a way that the coil are required to be removed and cleaned outdoors after the refrigerant is first drained, this should be tackled only by someone with the gears and experience needed to make sure none of it spills.

Some professional help would be a wise idea. Simply call the professional and expert AC cleaning companies in Dubai for efficiently cleaning the AC and improving indoor air quality.

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