AC Duct Cleaning

6 Reasons to get AC Duct Cleaning done

Have you ever wondered if you really require AC Duct Cleaning to be done for your home or office? Are you skeptical regarding the tall claims by duct cleaning companies regarding the health of your AC Ducts and if dirty ducts can really make you sick? Well keep on reading this post to find out the pros and cons of AC Duct Cleaning Dubai.

Well you are not alone, many people wonder if AC Duct cleaning is actually necessary or not and many more even ignore their air conditioning system entirely and only when an actual problem arises do they pay any heed to their heating or cooling systems. First of all, you should get your AC checked periodically to make sure it is always running at an optimal level.

It becomes even more important in high temperature zones like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Middle East etc as AC Systems normally run through out the year and are a part of day to day life activities of its citizens. All these areas are also prone to regular dust storms, winds etc which take a toll on the air inside your homes. If you add dirty AC air in the mix, the repercussions could be catastrophic to say the least.

If you are still not convinced about the importance of duct cleaning, here are 10 reasons why, in fact, you should –

  • You are breathing impure air

Masked Man IndoorsAs you know, there is dust and other particles all around you and these particles tend to settle inside the AC Ducts. Then there’s also mold to consider which tends to thrive in cold, dark and damp environment that cold Air conditioners provide inside the air vents or ducts. In fact, molds are a huge problem in Dubai and UAE and they can easily be found inside many AC ducts. Pet’s fur and dander can also accumulate inside the ducts and so can smoke (if someone smokes indoors). You can easily expect your ducts to be a lot dirtier than you actually think.

These particles, when blown into the inner atmosphere by the cold Air Conditioner air into your living and working spaces, make the air impure and unhealthy to breathe. In fact, it is estimated by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) that the indoor air can be upto 8 times more harmful than outside air. You think, environmental air pollution is bad, start thinking of the air inside your homes first. It is, therefore, imperative that you check your AC ducts periodically.

  • Your Air Conditioner Might Not work at its maximum potential

repairing central air conditioner

As mentioned, if you do not clean your ducts, dust and other particles tend to gather inside, thereby, clogging the ducts. This makes it harder for the AC to pump in enough air for your home to properly cool down. That’s why sometimes, you feel warm even though your AC is blasting cold air at its full capacity. Or alternatively, you turn on the AC and it takes ages for it to properly cool down your home or offices.

Granted, that this could also mean that your AC needs servicing, but since that requires more cost and time, you should get your AC Ducts inspected first to be certain that dirty ducts are not be causing this issue.


  • You or your family members are feeling sick for no apparent reason

Sick KidWell, this point directly correlates to the first reason – Impure air. If the air inside your home is not healthy and breathable, you or your family members are bound to suffer one or the other health issue. Harmful air can cause you many health related issues like cold, allergies, breathing problems, blurry vision, asthma and other serious ailments including mental ones. It is a well established fact that breathing harmful air can have serious health issues for kids and may even interfere with their cognitive ability development. Of course, you should consult a health practitioner first, but this might also be the time to get those AC Ducts inspected as well.

Please note that these symptoms develop gradually over time. It could be simple coughing or sneezing with occasional red eyes or migraines and you might blame the environmental pollution for this. But take some time to contemplate that whether your AC might actually be causing this or rather the AC Ducts rather than outside pollution?

  • You are wasting time, money and energy

Choosing an AC Cleaning Company in DubaiA clogged AC duct will never let enough air pass through, thereby, making the AC work at its maximum capacity, which in turn increases your electricity bill and causes wear and tear to the AC System. It’s a simple enough fact, that many people do not grasp when they get those huge energy bills. A professional AC Duct cleaning can reduce your yearly energy bills drastically.

You and your family will also fall ill less frequently, thereby, reducing those healthcare and medicine bills, which admittedly can make quite a big dent on your savings. What is more surprising is the amount of time lost being sick and servicing your AC units. So you are not just losing money, health and energy, but perhaps the most emphatic commodity of today – “time”.

Therefore, if you think of it, your duct cleaning service may pay for itself over time many times over it actually cost you to get the service done.

  • The Life Of Your AC and Ducts is being reduced

mold in ac ducts
The wear and tear that your AC and Ducts are getting due to unhygienic conditions will eventually lead to a breakdown of air conditioner or a broken duct. If you think that there’s no chance that it will happen, think again. There are a lot of cases of broken duct everyday and people have to replace it altogether. And you can ascertain that the cost involved in replacing a broken duct is far more than actually getting it cleaned periodically.

Same goes for your air-conditioning system, if it doesn’t work properly, it will wreak havoc on the entire cooling system, thereby, leading to complete breakdown. Believe us, it is a lot common than it appears.

That is why it is important to get your AC system, Ducts as well as air conditioner checked, ideally, 2 times in a year.

  • To Increase Efficiency &  lower downtime at the work places

business people getting sick

The significance of Duct Cleaning is even more prominent in case of Offices, warehouses and other work places. If you are in an office, your employees will have less sick days, therefore, you’ll have lower downtime and increased efficiency. And the costs saved in maintaining the system instead of repairing a broken system is much more. As you know, there are many work hours lost due to illness and ailments. Now clean ducts doesn’t guarantee that the employees won’t fall sick, but they do decrease chances of falling sick drastically. It is therefore highly recommended for Corporates to undertake AC Duct Cleaning at a regular basis.

We hope that these reasons have convinced you enough to get your AC Ducts checked for impurities and irregularities. AC Duct Cleaning takes even more importance in places like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE & the middle-east due to the harsh environment in these areas.

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If you want, you can also get air quality test done, to get further proof that your air is perfectly fine to breathe and work in. Book a Free AC Duct Cleaning Inspection Today.