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Indoor Environmental Quality Management
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Why Do I Need AC Duct Cleaning in Dubai
Why Do I Need AC Duct Cleaning in Dubai?

A filthy AC duct might be more problematic than you believe, harboring more dirt, mold, and debris than you realize. It is obvious that in Dubai’s scorching heat and humid climate, our AC works extremely hard, causing an overload. This

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Indoor air pollution and exposure assessment of the gulf cooperation council countries: A critical review

Indoor air pollution in the GCC countries is a major health threat. People in the GCC countries spend a substantial amount of their time in indoor environments due to unfavorable meteorological conditions. In addition, production of physical and biological aerosols from air conditioners, cooking activities, burning of Arabian incense, and overcrowding due to pilgrimage programs are common causes of low quality indoor air in this region. Inhalation of indoor air pollutants causes mortalities and morbidities attributed to cardiorespiratory, pulmonary, and lung cancer diseases.