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Poor Indoor Air Quality Can Hurt Your Family

In our normal daily life, we frequently come across various illnesses which we can not possibly explain. There are times when we may feel sluggish without any energy or motivation to work. And sometimes we actually fall sick due to various mysterious reasons or complain about frequent headaches, nausea and vertigos.

Poor indoor air quality can lead to poor health.Ever wonder why this is happening? It is because of the presence of various indoor air pollutants. The idea of indoor air pollutants is quite novel to the people and owing to this, it becomes a little hard to understand. As people spend almost 90% of their time indoors, the concept of a proper Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) thus becomes very important as it widely affects the health, productivity and general well-being of a building’s occupants.

Air conditioners provide the perfect damp and dark environments for the growing grounds of molds and microbes.

The contaminants have a serious effect on any person’s health who inhales air in that environment. A regular AC cleaning regimen thus becomes a very important activity for every household and organization to improve their Indoor Air Quality.

The concept of sick building syndrome is becoming more and more prevalent and it not only affects the occupants, but also affects the visitors as well. HVAC systems can become infected with dust or pollen articles if not installed, maintained or even operated in a proper manner. Moisture is perfect for microbial growth which is capable of hampering the overall health and productivity of an individual.

It usually happens that every time you turn on the AC in your room, you get a flash of stale and musty air. The odor at most of the times fades away after a couple of minutes.

However in cases with severe infection, the odor lasts as long as the AC keeps on running. This problem can be tackled through a regular evaporator or coil cleaning regimen.

AC Cleaning & disinfection is a very useful exercise for providing you and those around you with a healthy and pure environment. AC disinfectants instantly clean and disinfect the air ducts and coils checking the growth of molds and harmful bacteria.

A regular air duct cleaning not only ensures an improvement in the indoor air quality, but also enhances the efficiency of an AC, which results in the reduction of monthly energy bills.

Benefits of disinfection

  • Removes molds, bacteria and other microbes.
  • Removes stale and bad odor
  • Removes dirt, dust and debris from the air conditioner
  • Facilitates in maintaining a healthy environment
  • Ensures a disease free and pure breathing air
  • Ensures lesser energy consumption
  • Improves Indoor Air Quality of your homes & offices

A comprehensive review of your air conditioner system is crucial in order to know the source of the unpleasant odor. Follow a regular air duct cleaning routine and say goodbye to the harmful molds, diseases and unpleasant odor and in turn, improve your indoor air quality. A regularly cleaned and disinfected AC ensures a clean environment and saves you from the hassles of a tiresome professional air duct cleaning. There are various effective and easy to use ac disinfectants available in the market which can be used for manual disinfection. So make sure that you take this as an important activity which will surely improve your overall health and productivity.