health hazard due to dirty duct

Why is AC Duct Cleaning Important?

AC Cleaning in Dubai-UAEAn air-conditioner can be regarded as one of the best things that have been invented that increases your comfort by keeping you cool during the harsh summers. However, the comfort factor is well promoted as well as marketed by all manufacturers, dealers and retailers, there is one component that is always ignored — the consumption of a lot of electricity. This consumption can escalate manifold if the AC unit is not taken care of and maintained properly. Thus, to make sure that you use an AC in the most effective way, while simultaneously not consuming too much of electricity, all you need to do is to follow a few simple guidelines.

The main factor is the proper cleaning and disinfection of the AC units. The air duct cleaning is equally important. How important you ask? Here’s “6 reasons to get your AC Duct Cleaning Done.”

An air duct is the passage within an air conditioning unit through which air is filtered. With the frequent use of the AC makes the air ducts congested with air pollutants, dirt, insects, and mould that circulate in the room causing certain ailments. It is advised to consult the professional air duct cleaning services and AC cleaning services Dubai for timely cleaning of the AC for its smooth running and increased efficiency.

It is clearly not a good idea to leave an air conditioning unit in its bad and non-working condition. If you take into account how air conditioning units work by drawing air into the system, cooling it and then scattering it throughout your home, it will be very clear how simple it is for contaminated air particles to be mixed in the air given out by the AC and get circulated in your rooms thus creating an unhealthy environment.

Just consider the total number of hours that you normally spend inside your own apartment, it will become easy for you to understand how a dirty AC unit can over the course of time contribute towards breathing and circulatory problems such as cough, asthma, allergic reactions, etc. These health problems can also leave an impact on your mood during the day thus also influencing your ability to carry out your work and enjoy the other things in life.

If you neglect the cleaning of the AC units, the systems will remain dirty and will not be able to operate at its maximum efficiency. Hence, when you will set your AC unit to cool the air at a certain desired temperature, it will take up more electricity and power to give you the cooling effect. This will then result in high monthly energy bills.

For increasing the efficiency as well as the shelf life of your AC system, make sure to call professionals for the expert AC cleaning work. Their efficient technical professionals know very well how to take care of your AC systems by following some guidelines on AC and air duct cleaning & disinfection. Trust Saniservice as the company offers excellent AC cleaning, Swiss concept of disinfection, AC duct cleaning, and AC disinfection services at extremely affordable prices. Please visit: for more details.