Dirty air conditioners

Take proper care of your AC for improved indoor air quality

Dirty air conditionersThe chief cause of poor indoor air quality can be attributed to the bacterial and fungal contamination of air filters, heat transfer coils and duct work within your air conditioning systems that are usually poorly maintained. Thus, keeping your air conditioning clean is essentially important for you family’s health.

Air passes through dust filters before it gets cooled on the surface of the cooling coil and blown out from the air conditioner. Generally dust filters are planned to remove larger particles that would fetid the cooling coil and hence are not effective at removing small airborne particles. The moment the larger particles get trapped by the filter, they start forming a layer that helps in the removal of tiny particles, but at the same time, they also hamper and reduce the air flow and provide nutrients for fungi and mould to grow inside your air conditioner units. In addition, when air cools at the coil, it can drop its moisture on the coil surface, which if not removed can also act as the breeding place for fungi and bacteria. Since the building air is being circulated through this system, fungi and mould spores and bacteria are released through the use of the air conditioner thus contaminating the indoor air.

Regular maintenance of air-conditioning systems from AC Cleaning Company Dubai is imperative as they are experts in detecting and preventing these problems.

Fungi and mould growths is possible in AC ducts where condensation takes place. If you notice these growths, it is wise to call air condition servicing Dubai specialist to professionally treat the cause of condensation and to clean your air conditioner. This is a useful step for preventing mould and fungi from continuing to grow.

If you notice large amounts fungi or mould growing in the air conditioner ducts, you first need to fix the cause of moisture that generally supports the growths as fungi and moulds won’t grow without moisture or condensation. However, if you clean them without treating and removing the moisture problem, they are bound to re-occur. Do not try and remove large quantities of moulds and fungi yourself using bleach. Mould can be highly toxic and if it is in large quantities, it is advisable to get help from the professionals in AC cleaning. Just remember to hire services from AC duct cleaning services as they can handle these AC issues effectively.

If you neglect the maintenance regime of your AC, it will continue to discharge odorous gases and fungal spores, which can significantly impact respiratory health, such as flu-like symptoms, asthma, allergic reactions, respiratory tract infections, and other toxic reactions. Thus, get air condition maintenance services at regular intervals to avert these health issues.

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