Choosing an AC Cleaning Company in Dubai

What Should You Know about Indoor Air Quality?

One of the things that people seem to take for granted these days is the indoor air quality. When people look for a house, apartment or office space, IAQ is the least of their concerns. It is only when they start to get sick when they consider the importance of air quality. Polluted air can lead to irritation of the nose, throat, and eyes. Eyes will be irritated, and people tend to cough, wheeze, or have difficulty in breathing. Existing heart and lung problems will worsen, and allergies will be developed. You should know these “Indoor Air Quality Facts” to really comprehend the magnitude of problem you are facing due to bad air.

The best way to fight against pollutants is to stop them from going in your home or office. An air testing service can help pinpoint the pollutants as well as test the air quality if it is within IAQ standards. The service can identify the pollutants and their levels. They can also take steps to remove the pollutants. Common air pollutants that are harmful to the health are second-hand smoke, asbestos, formaldehyde, and radon.


If you are in the United Arab Emirates, you can call an indoor air quality Dubai improvement and air conditioning service that will take corrective actions to get rid of the pollutants. Homeowners and business owners can also help in the indoor air quality improvement by keeping the floors of the home or office clean. That involves vacuuming, mopping and replacing mats and rugs with clean ones.

A good AC system can also help remove pollutants from entering your home. Air conditioners are designed to pull out air and push in cooler air. When pulling out air, it also takes the pollutants from the room. Then it replenishes it with cleaner air that passed through the air filters. It is important to keep the filters clean. These simple steps can help with your indoor air quality improvement efforts.

Indicators of Poor Indoor Air Quality

 Colds and Allergies

If most of the people at home or in the workplace are suffering from allergies or colds, chances are the air quality is bad. But using allergies as a gauge can be hard because people who susceptible to allergies will show allergic reactions first, and the others will think it is just a normal allergy attack.

 Higher Electric Bills

When the air conditioner is working harder than usual, it would result to higher electric bills. Regular maintenance of the AC unit should be done. This includes changing the filters and checking for moisture building that could lead to potential air contamination. A properly functioning air conditioner can get rid of the air pollutants.

 Improper Air Flow

If the air conditioner is in good, working order but some areas have stale air compared to others, it could be the case of build-up of pollutants in the ducts that restrict airflow. If the ends of the ducts have screens, you can probably clean the ducts.

Indoor air quality improvement must be done in order to maintain the wellness of the people at home or in the workplace. Spotting indoor air pollution early can keep people health and save you time and money in the future.