How to Perform Air Conditioner Disinfection in your Room

How to Perform Air Conditioner Disinfection in your Room

How to Perform Air Conditioner Disinfection in your Room

A clean air conditioner is a must to increase efficiency and prevent ac breakdowns. By thoroughly cleaning and performing air conditioner disinfection in your unit, you can prevent molds, bacteria, and allergens from invading your home, causing diseases and other health problems.

Most people are not aware how crucial this is and often leave their air conditioning units untidy, for months and even years! By doing so, the ac catches moisture, the machine also degrades, and you will notice foul smell of molds coming out of your AC vents.

There are more reasons why you should regularly clean and disinfect your ac system:

  • Cleaning prolongs the life of your air conditioner. Your motor must work twice as hard if you have a lot of dirt and debris in your ac ducts and filters. The motor does the job of keeping your house cool but if teeming with dirt, its performance will be affected.
  • Air conditioner disinfection helps lower energy costs. A fully functioning and clean ac system can work properly and lower the cost of your electricity.
  • As mentioned above, clean ac increases performance.
  • Clean ac creates better indoor air quality. Get a good night sleep with a perfectly healthy indoor air free from germs and bacteria.

Below are steps to disinfect and clean your air conditioner in your room:

  1. Start with the condenser

The first step would be to clean the condenser. You can do this by vacuuming the outer part of fins to remove dirt that may block the airflow.

Then, remove the fan and clean the inside fins using a detergent (mixture of soap and water). Rinse thoroughly and apply a disinfectant cleaner. You can easily buy disinfectant cleaners in grocery stores and check the label for proper use and application. Disinfectants require certain dry time (check the label) so you cannot just use your ac immediately after disinfection.

  1. Clean the indoor unit

When cleaning central ac systems, it is advisable to have a new filter. Prevent these germs and microbes, allergens from entering your home by using a new filter. For central ac systems, consulting ac disinfection companies would be the best choice.

Use a vacuum as a blower to remove dust in the compartment. If the condensation drain is clogged with dirt, clean it using a stiff wire or a bleach solution. A bleach solution consists mostly 10% bleach and 90% water.

  1. Clean the window units

Knowing how to clean and do a thorough air conditioner disinfection will not be complete without cleaning the window units. The window units can be full of dirt as well. Window type ac units are easier to clean than central ac systems which require even ducts to be cleaned from top to bottom.

Apply a disinfectant to the ac coils located at the back of the unit and use a stiff brush to scrub it and remove visible dirt and debris.

  1. Proceed with the air filter

Rinse the air filter after you apply a cleaner or a detergent based solution. A fully disinfected air conditioner looks and feels different. You will smell fresh air coming from your ac and you will feel safer.

  1. Give your room a clean makeover

Do not forget to give your room a complete cleaning makeover after doing air conditioner disinfection. Remember that the AC system is blowing recycled air. It will pickup dust, pollens, and allergens from the room surrounding it. So better clean your room and make sure it’s dust free.

  1. Ask assistance from experts

If you feel uncomfortable cleaning your ac unit on your own, you can always ask assistance and help from air conditioning sanitization companies who can very well do the job for you. They can show you the whole process so you can just sit back and relax.