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How does a good AC service improve indoor air quality?

Split AC ServiceWhether it is home or office, we spend maximum time of our day indoors. Therefore, it becomes critical that the indoor air that we breathe in should be pure and devoid of any molds or disease causing bacteria. Most people think that since indoor air does not come in contact with outside elements, it is pure and free from contaminants. However, in reality, indoor air quality contains almost 2-4 times more pollutants than outdoor air. Here are some facts about indoor air quality for you to read further.

Are you aware of the fact that breathing in polluted indoor air causes various allergies and diseases? Staying in a cool environment is something that we all love. However, we often forget that this cool environment is the breeding ground for disease causing pathogens and microorganisms. This is the reason why a regular AC cleaning is required to ensure that you inhale pure and pollution free air always.

Air conditioning systems circulate air pollutants through the indoor air making it unfit for breathing. The major air pollutants include mold, smoke, pollen, chemicals, dirt, pet dander, as well as, other allergens. Air conditioning units owing to their continuous usage attract dust and garbage to the already unhygienic surfaces. Since moisture and dust are the breeding grounds for molds and bacteria, it becomes necessary to keep your AC thoroughly clean.

Poor quality of indoor air can have adverse effects on your health. Do you often wonder that why you feel symptoms such as nausea, headache, dizziness, itchy skin, runny nose so often? These are all the result of breathing in a polluted environment. The graveness of exposure to air pollutants can be highlighted from the fact that continuous exposure to these surroundings can lead to serious respiratory disorders such as asthma as well. It is therefore critical that even though the symptoms seem slight, they should not be ignored as they hold the key to your overall health.

Air conditioners offer us cool air by taking the indoor air, cooling it and sending it back through the vents in the unit. If the air conditioning unit is polluted, the air that you get back will be contaminated with the pollutants. It therefore becomes necessary to clean and change your AC filter to ensure that you are getting pure air to breathe in. By having your air conditioner ducts cleaned and serviced regularly, you can guarantee a healthy air for you to breathe in. Apart from this, regular ac cleaning will also ensure that your ac functions properly and you do not have to bear the monstrous repair bills caused due to negligence.

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