Are there any good AC Cleaning Companies in Abu Dhabi?

butler copyMrs. Jane Williamson used to work in Dubai, UAE, where she lives in a 2-bedroom villa with her husband and young son. They are pretty aware of the good AC cleaning companies in Dubai. But just last month, due to changes in her work, they had to move to the capital Abu Dhabi. Now they are living in a 3-bedroom villa on one of the more affluent communities in Abu Dhabi. As they are concerned for their young 5-year-old son, they scour the market for a good AC cleaning company in Abu Dhabi.

But after going through several directories, she was not able to find one that provides deep duct cleaning and disinfection. At the end of her rope, she called Saniservice, a Dubai based AC cleaning and disinfection company that she had been using for the last 3 years while in Dubai and inquired if they would render their AC Cleaning Services in Abu Dhabi which is a good 2 hours drive from Dubai. She was surprised to know that Saniservice, Dubai’s premier AC Duct Cleaning Company, does cover Abu Dhabi and performs AC Duct Cleaning and Disinfection to residents and companies in the UAE Capital!

Yes, Dubai’s leading AC Cleaning and Disinfection company, Saniservice, covers the whole UAE. Since 2009, Saniservice has been rendering its unique and in-depth style cleaning for AC units and ducts. Abu Dhabi along with the rest of the 7 emirates plus Al Ain is on Saniservice’s map and all you need to do is call them at 800-7264 (SANI). Their call in center is open 24 hours a day to receive your inquiries.