Diagram of AC Ducts

Does Duct Cleaning Actually Help?

To answer this question we must first understand what is a Ducting and what is it there for. An AC Duct is a causeway or a passageway for air that has been cooled or heated air to be delivered to certain parts of the building. Usually, AC ducts are made out of insulating materials like fiber glass cut and formed to the desired shape and size. Sometimes a flexible duct can be used for the same purpose. So, how does ac duct cleaning help you?

Diagram of AC Ducts
A Diagram of the typical AC Duct found in homes and offices

As the AC does its job of sucking in, cooling down and blowing air back out – airborne particles are caught with it. Although AC systems have filters, this is usually not enough to sift the billions of particles that float around an area on a daily basis.

Eventually, particles of dust, pet dander, mold spores and other particles are sucked in and blown through the moist AC evaporator coils. As it passes through the wet surface of the AC system, these foreign particles get caught and stick on the coils and builds up over time. When this happens, molds are the first to thrive as these are the perfect conditions for them to grow in.

As molds and dirt build up on the evaporator coils, they eventually render the AC inefficient thus, loses the ability to cool and even dry the air that passes through it. When moist air is blown through the ducts, this is when our ducts experience the same process of having moisture and foreign particles clinging on its surfaces. Eventually, it finds its way through your AC vents and to your lungs.

This is why a complete AC System and duct cleaning is important because more than anywhere else in the world, Dubai has all the ingredients to make our Ducting and AC system experience all of the aforementioned.

It is very important therefore to make sure that you ask the AC Duct Cleaning company to clean and disinfect the whole system by dismantling the blowers, evaporators, drainage trays and drainage pipes and thoroughly go through every inch of the ducts. This is the only way to make sure that no corner is left unclean, since a single speck of mold spore can trigger the whole process all over again.