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The Do’s and Don’ts of AC Cleaning in Dubai


Dubai, with its glitz and glamour, tends to be heavy on the pocket for many of its residents. And with a rise in bills as it is, nobody wants to deal with the hassles that come with inefficient air conditioning systems. Truth be told, it is not the AC unit that is inefficient, but the fact that it has been thriving on neglect that has made it perform poorly. If you find yourself dealing with the unfavorable performance of your AC unit, it is high time you get yourself familiarized with AC Cleaning in Dubai and let the professionals delve into the process of AC disinfection.

Importance of AC cleaning in Dubai

Even with so many people living in Dubai for a fair amount of time, the importance of AC disinfection isn’t known to many. Dubai’s overall atmosphere tends to trigger a vast number of respiratory illnesses, and while the proper medication is prescribed, precautions like AC Cleaning and disinfection and an elaborate service of AC units all around are also highly advisable. Some might find it hard to believe, but about 14 per cent of UAE residents are known to suffer from asthma and allergic rhinitis due to poor air, and Dubai holds a majority of these cases. The absence of AC Cleaning in your life leads to the severity of these illnesses, and generally an uncomfortable vibe to deal with. Medicine specialists like Dr. Jimmy Joseph have also reported how the rise in flu cases can be countered by proper AC cleaning procedures and getting AC units serviced in-and-out, as these are considered as problem areas where allergens and bacteria amass and thrive.

How to do AC Cleaning in Dubai?

Carrying out the whole process of AC disinfection all alone can be a tiresome chore for many residents, hence, the advent of proper AC cleaning companies in Dubai. You can either take the day off and get down to business (and by business, we mean cleaning the whole thing up), or you can shell out some money and hire a reliable AC Cleaning Company. If you’re someone who is inclined towards the former, there are many ways to go about it. And all’s well if you keep a few points in check, like:

  • Turn off all power points that the AC unit is plugged into, to avoid any unfortunate electricity-related mishaps. And if it’s feasible, try turning it off at the circuit board as well.
  • Clean the condenser coils. To do so, you will be required to remove the outer casing and find the coils located inside. Using a stiff brush or a duster, wipe away any and all dirt and dust that’s building up.
  • Remove and clean the filters, which are the mesh panels situated inside the indoor AC unit. They tend to gather dirt more and faster than other components of an AC unit, and require frequent cleaning, even if servicing the rest of the components isn’t required.
  • Clean the fan coil, which is also situated inside the indoor unit and revolves around blowing cool air out of the unit. Once you’ve found it, carefully spray a cleaning solution on it and rinse it off with warm water after a few minutes.
  • Carefully spray a specialized anti-bacterial solution onto the clean components of your AC unit. This step isn’t mandatory but is highly recommended to maintain the longevity of the unit.

Once you’re done with the outward and somewhat inward cleaning, it is time to call the AC cleaning — professionals, as they will understand the technicalities and damages, and will carry out specialized services with their personalized tools. They will also detect any problem areas and will offer proper methods to counteract all of the persisting AC issues.

Checkpoints – Do’s and Don’ts of AC Cleaning in Dubai

Once it is apparent how you have to carry out the whole process of AC cleaning, which needs to be scheduled regularly, there are a few key points that need to be considered for AC disinfection. Here are some comprehensive do’s and don’ts that you need to incorporate and avoid, which will help you tremendously & aid with the entire cleaning procedure.

Do – call AC Cleaning Professionals

Although a lot of home maintenance enthusiasts tend to tackle cleaning matters all by themselves, AC disinfection isn’t always something you can efficiently do. Hence, it is highly recommended to consult professionals that specialize in the field of AC cleaning, pertaining to Dubai’s lifestyle. Sanitization companies like Saniservice offer their services round the clock, and their trained professionals are equipped with techniques and strategies to spot problem areas and fix them quicker than an average homeowner.

Do – check the thermostat

In order to get the best out of your AC unit, a thorough inspection of the thermostat is essential. It is crucial to invest in good quality, properly computed, and operative thermostat. One of the major reasons why air conditioning units do not perform efficiently is because of a faulty or broken thermostat. Also, if your thermostat is outdated, it is advised to get it changed to a newer, digital version. Moreover, even if there is a minor glitch in the functioning of your thermostat, the AC unit will end up overworking, and will unnecessarily add to the bills and energy wastage.

Do – proper AC maintenance

One thing is for certain that routine maintenance of your electrical appliances is necessary, especially when it comes to ACs. The whole troupe behind AC Cleaning is familiar with how the city needs constant AC disinfection whole year-round, and for this purpose, companies like Saniservice are always at your service to cater to your AC maintenance needs. Regular maintenance will not only enhance the durability of the AC unit and prevent impending malfunctioning, but it will also reduce the hassles associated with monthly electricity bills.

Do – clean minor AC Components

While you are advised to leave the vital parts of cleaning to the professionals, there is no harm in dusting and cleaning out other parts of the AC unit yourself. This can prove to be a treat for all those looking for a DIY approach in this matter, as AC disinfection has a lot going on that is overall a collective effort. Duct cleaning isn’t a piece of cake, but filters, condenser coils, panel doors, and everything else that you can lay your hands on should be diligently cleaned. Even if you don’t feel like getting your hands dirty, you can always call the AC cleaning specialists to do the job for you.

Do – check refrigerant levels

An annual or bi-annual maintenance is not only crucial for cleaning purposes but in fact, it is necessary to keep a check on the refrigerant levels of the AC as well. Unsuitable refrigerant load tends to damage the compressor, without which an AC unit will fail to function entirely, let alone properly. Furthermore, a damaged compressor also majorly contributes to a rise in electricity bills and lead to a complete system breakdown.

Don’t – Keep it too cold

If luckily you have a properly functioning thermostat, be mindful of keeping it at an appropriate temperature. In other words, keep it between 72 to 74-degree Fahrenheit to maintain an overall air efficiency around the house, and don’t let it run too cold or too hot.

Don’t – use extension cords

The use of extension cords to power the unit is highly questionable, as their power isn’t strong enough and meddles with the proper voltage. They will also tend to overwork the AC unit, making it yield unfavorable output and the need for frequent servicing.

Don’t – Block AC Vents 

We understand the appeal of just stacking things up without a care in the world, but be careful not to place anything over or around vents that are responsible for airflow. Blocked vents will again lead to overworking of the unit, and an inefficient AC Output which we’re sure nobody wants.

Don’t – neglect outdoor AC components

Try to avoid an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ strategy here, and take just as much care of the outdoor components, as you are advised to keep off the indoor unit. Qualified & Certified technicians will make sure your outdoor components aren’t surrounded by any kind of dirt or debris or materials like furniture and equipment.

Don’t – use improper mounting systems

AC cleaning in Dubai not only warrants you to focus on the cleansing of the AC Ducts, but it also highlights the importance of proper mounting of the AC unit. A proper mounting system does not involve wood or bricks, and trained professionals will take of the dilemma if your setup isn’t secure enough.


Rest assured, this all-inclusive guide on do’s and don’ts will certainly help whenever you need an AC disinfection and cleaning to be done. And now that you’ve got the lowdown on all that AC cleaning in Dubai entails, there should be nothing stopping you from hitting up technicians that are the best in the game. Therefore, without further ado, contact us and let them take care of all that your AC unit needs to function smoothly and seamlessly.