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Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned by Reputable Service Provider

ac cleaning in dubaiThe quality of indoor air is now checked carefully by homeowners. Like you, they also want the best possible clean air when they are at home. No one would like to breathe contaminated air as it causes health concerns particularly in the respiratory system. You would not let your children’s health be at risk nor your wallet! Just like any appliance or equipment, a well-maintained duct system gives you the benefit of paying for lesser power bill. It is great to enjoy life with lesser worries.

Air duct cleaning to its true sense is the cleaning of all parts of the duct system. The whole system includes fan motor and fan housing, grilles and diffuser, heating and cooling coils and heat exchangers. All parts must be free from dirt, debris and oil.  Everything must be properly re-attached and checked if still functioning. The recurrence of moist causes further negative effects to the function of the duct system. Re-contamination occurs if any one of the components is not properly cleaned. The cost for duct cleaning depends on the climate, the level of contamination, size and accessibility. It may range from $450.00 – $1,000.00.

The pros of having your air duct cleaning by good service provider:

  • You are secured that the people are all harmless.
  • Your air duct system is safe from being disrupted.
  • Each component is properly cleaned.
  • The duct’s components are free from dirt and debris.
  • It gives out clean air.
  • Safety from chemical biocides and chemical treatments.
  • Sealants placed on the system assure you of air without dust.
  • Maintained cleanliness inside your home as they don’t mess up the carpet or the floor.
  • Controlled brushing of the components.
  • Checked if there is asbestos in the system as it should be removed only by well-trained contractors.
  • Uses high-efficiency particle air (HEPA) vaccuming equipment.

The cons of hiring the services of lesser quality service provider:

  • The whole duct system may be at risk of malfunctioning.
  • There will be more contaminants.
  • Growth of much moisture.
  • Components attached by the use of duct tape only.
  • You are not sure of your hone’s safety.
  • Might use chemicals in cleaning method.
  • Fake technicians might be able to enter your household.
  • Might mess-up your floors and walls by uncontrolled brushing.

This is a sample checklist to check if your duct was cleaned properly.

  • Blower                                  – must be free from oil and other debris
  • Cooling Components      – coil drain pan must be draining properly
  • Metal Ducts                        – no visible debris
  • Plenums                              – no moisture stains and dust
  • Fiber Glass                          – free from tears and in good condition
  • Air Vents                             – diffusers, grilles and registers are re-attached firmly
  • Access Doors                     – should be attached by screws or rivets
  • System Operation           – both heating and cooling systems must still be functioning well

Here are some frequently asked questions about AC Duct cleaning to help you further in recognizing its importance.

All pointers given to you are of most important consideration in choosing the best service provider and maintaining air ducts.  Always have in mind that good service providers give you papers with agreements on terms and costs for the complete and proper cleaning process.