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Air Conditioner Services — A Necessity for Improved Indoor Air Quality

Great indoor air quality in Dubai by Saniservice.Indoor air quality in your home is of main concern for you and your family member, thus, a decision of buying air conditioners for your home is a good idea. A lot of people spend most of their time indoors, be it at their home, office or at the shopping malls. If you go by the “indoor air quality facts“,  the air is about two to four times more polluted than the air outside (sometimes even upto 100 times), even with having a clean air conditioning filter. Hence, having bought an AC is just not enough; you have to schedule its proper maintenance and services from AC Cleaning Company Dubai. The professional AC cleaning services improves the indoor air quality.

With poor indoor air quality your health can be badly affected. There are various air pollutants that are circulated throughout your home by your air conditioning system. Some of these pollutants can include smoke, dust particles, pollen, chemicals from the cleaning products that you use, mildew and lots of other allergens. You could be allergic to several of the air pollutants that are dispersed in the air thus poor indoor air quality can seriously affect your health. You might also start developing symptoms from the effects of indoor allergens in the form of headaches, itchy skin and eyes, tiredness, nausea, dizziness, etc. Mould is the one allergen that should not be taken lightly as prolonged exposure to mould spores can also result in serious sickness.

Schedule your air condition maintenance services to get better quality indoor air. Generally, most interiors you inhabit use recycled air. Your air conditioning units will take the air from inside your homes or workplaces, cool it and then send it back through the air conditioning vents. This air gets constantly filtered and an air conditioning unit aids in keeping it filtered.

An air conditioning filter is very effectual at removing many of the pollutants in the air. Each time the air gets cooled and pushed back into your home through these filter, the allergens get trapped in the filter. If you don’t change and clean the AC filters it will get jammed and hamper the unit’s efficiency. Thus, it is always recommended changing the air conditioning filter on a regular basis so as to ensure the efficiency of your air conditioner along with the quality of the indoor air. You can conveniently hire professional AC cleaning UAE for regular cleaning and servicing of your AC unit.

Follow these easy and simple tips when it comes to maintaining the proper condition of you air conditioner unit. These tips will not only increase the efficiency of your AC unit, but it will also keep you and your family healthy with an improved indoor air quality.

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