environment conducive for learning

5 Reasons Preschoolers Need Ideal Environment Conducive for Learning

What to expect?

Preschool is a transitional phase that every child needs to pass through, a stage wherein parents go through the same process with their children, although more painful. The foremost question in your mind will be; which is the best nursery school in the locality whose environment is conducive for learning and development?

If you have an incoming preschooler and you don’t know what to expect in the coming days, you need to take a deep breath and start ticking off the checklist. Ask yourself these basic questions:

  • Is the school close to where you live?
  • Does the school provide a school bus and a nanny?
  • Are the teachers well-trained and skilled to handle your child’s needs in school?
  • Does the school have the necessary support services such as canteen, clinic and playground?
  • Does the classroom have a proper air-conditioning system?
  • Does the school have good reviews?

If all these questions are answered satisfactorily, then proceed to inspect the school premises and check if it has the ideal environment conducive to learning. This is a crucial part of choosing a school where you will be entrusting your child’s early education.

Why is conducive environment important?

  1. Preschoolers have a relatively short attention span. The teacher must be very dynamic if she can hold the child’s interest for longer than 15 minutes. If the classroom is congested and stuffy, a meltdown can’t be far behind.
  2. The preschool classroom must be roomy and airconditioned. However, if the HVAC system of the school is ill-maintained, you should re-think your options. Unless the management invests in ac cleaning services, your child will not be comfortable and you can expect tantrum episodes in the days to come.
  3. If the classroom is over-filled with hyperactive little tots, chances are, one sick child could spread airborne diseases to everybody. It is important that children breathe clean air.
  4. A nursery school is not just a place where you drop off your child for the day. It is a learning facility where your child can learn social interaction, real-life engagement, learn primary skills and promote behavioural development. If the classroom is not conducive for all mentioned, then it is not the school for your child.
  5. For all intents and purposes, we enrol our preschooler in a reputable learning institution in order to give them a solid foundation and prepare them for their future’s challenges. Their comfort and safety are the utmost priority. Provide them with an environment conducive for learning.