AC Repair in UAE

AC Cleaning in Abu Dhabi

What is lurking in the ac ducts?

Potentially harmful pollutants are present inside any indoor environment. After a few years of use, fungi may grow in all corners and joints of the ac duct, which subsequently becomes a breeding ground for different types of bacteria. Over time, the spores get transported into the air-conditioned spaces and occupants who inhale this contaminated air become prone to various illnesses. Even though ventilation systems are designed with filters to supply or extract air from spaces they cool, contaminants may still enter the system and get accumulated over the years. AC cleaning is an integral part of maintenance to keep the appliance working smoothly.

A dirty HVAC system can drive you insane!

Dirty ducts are a major contributor to indoor air pollution and can even foster mould growth! Cleaning your ductwork removes these contaminants, thus greatly improving the quality of the air in your home or office. In buildings, drywall dust and other construction materials can be trapped in your ducts and with moisture, can contribute to the growth of moulds and mildew.

Regular ac cleaning can prolong the life of your appliance, improve efficiency, and reduce emergency repairs. Over the years, the value of your electrical appliance will depreciate in direct proportion to the expenses of maintaining it. Additionally, the older the ac unit gets, the bigger it’s electrical consumption goes.

AC System Cleaning Abu Dhabi

Realizing the importance of high-standard ac cleaning, Saniservice acquired top-of-the-line equipment to ensure that every part of the ac system is thoroughly cleaned and the services rendered are commensurate with the standards of the corporate world and the affluent residents of Abu Dhabi.

Saniservice recommends a comprehensive ac cleaning service every year. From the supply and branch ducts to the grilles and diffusers, no parts must be spared.

Who Abu Dhabi residents should hire for their AC Cleaning?

Saniservice has a professional service track record that is still unmatched to date. 

Saniservice is the gold standard for AC disinfection in the region. Our teams have helped hundreds of businesses improve the quality of the indoor air they breathe, eliminate bacteria and allergens, and safeguard their health.

Follow-up care

At Saniservice, we believe in creating relationships. Once you’ve availed of our first service, we will contact you every three months to offer our reasonably priced quarterly service to keep your AC germ-free and working longer.

We rely on consistent, reliable delivery of unparalleled ac cleaning services. We offer emergency service 24/7  for all our clients.