AC Cleaning in Abu Dhabi

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AC Duct Cleaning in Abu Dhabi

AC Duct Cleaning in Abu Dhabi

Potentially harmful pollutants are present inside any indoor environment. And after a few years of use, fungus growth starts inside all the corners and joints of the duct, which subsequently becomes a breeding ground for different types of bacteria, moulds, etc. Over time, these free themselves from the duct and get transported into the air conditioned spaces. And occupants who inhale this contaminated air become prone to various illnesses. Even though ventilation systems are designed to supply or extract air from spaces they cool, with filters, still contaminants enter the system and get accumulated over the years. Consequently, the system may not work as designed. So it is vital to ensure that your ducts remain clean and dust-free at all times.

Realizing the importance of periodic duct cleaning, Saniservice acquired special duct cleaning equipment, to ensure the cleanliness and proper functioning of the ducts.

From the supply and branch ducts, to the grilles and diffusers, all the parts are thoroughly cleaned, separately. The cleaning equipment also has an inspection system which consists of the most advanced equipment. With the help of this, you can see the condition of your ducts before and after cleaning.

Saniservice recommends a complete air duct cleaning every year for optimal home air quality. Air Duct Cleaning and AC Vent Cleaning is necessary to remove the built-up debris of dust, bacteria, and other particles that have accumulated in your ductwork over the years. These pollutants are then circulated throughout your home every time your HVAC system kicks in.

In fact, dirty ducts are a major contributor to indoor air pollution and can even foster mold growth! Cleaning your duct work removes these contaminants, greatly improving the quality of the air in your home. Especially if members of your family suffer from allergies or other respiratory illnesses, it’s important to keep your ducts clean and the air in your house breathable. Even if you live in a new home, air duct cleaning can be necessary; drywall dust and other building material waste can become trapped in your ducts and contribute to the growth of mold and mildew.

AC Duct Cleaning Abu Dhabi
Saniservice uses a powerful, high-end duct vacuuming system that directly connects from our duct cleaning machine to your indoor air ducts, pulling out all the dust and dirt from your home or office. No ventilation system is too large or small for our equipment.

There are two major reasons why you should clean your AC Ducts:
1) to prevent allergens from building up in your AC Ducts and
2) to lower your energy costs due to inefficient dryers that are clogged up with lint.

AC System Cleaning Abu Dhabi
Frequent ac system cleaning will prolong the life of an air conditioner, improve efficiency, and reduce emergency repairs. With energy costs constantly rising, doesn’t it make sense to have your ac running in peak condition? Don’t let dust and dirt hurt your pocketbook.

Why Abu Dhabi Homeowners Should Hire Us for Their Duct Cleaning
Before entering in this industry our staff was well versed in all fields of AC Duct Cleaning. We have gone to great lengths to build a powerful team of specialists. We rely on consistent, reliable delivery of unparalleled services. We offer Emergency 24 hour 7 day service for all their clients.

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AC Cleaning in Abu Dhabi
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AC Cleaning in Abu Dhabi
Realizing the importance of periodic duct cleaning, Saniservice acquired special duct cleaning equipment, to ensure the cleanliness and proper functioning of the ducts.

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