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How Hot Weather Affects Indoor Air Pollution?

hot weather in uae affects indoor airLiving in Dubai means having to deal with uncomfortably hot weather for several months out of the year. Dubai is certainly beautiful, but hot weather can have adverse effects on indoor air pollutants that may be building up inside homes and businesses.

How Hot Weather Affects the Air Inside the Home or Office

While it may be cool inside thanks to the air conditioner, the heat is still having an indirect effect. This is because all doors and windows have been shut to keep the heat out, but they have locked the air inside the building as well.

Over time and without employing preventative measures, the air inside the home or business will become filled with airborne particles. In most cases, these particles are airborne debris that can cause allergic reactions. However, more dangerous pollutants such as mold spores and vapors from hazardous chemicals can build up as well. Understanding how to address such issues on a regular basis can keep the air inside your home clean and healthy.

Five Ways to Combat the Effects of Hot Weather on Indoor Air Pollution

One way is to improve your indoor air quality using Air Purifiers. But in addition to this, there are several other ways to combat the effects of indoor air pollution during times of very hot weather, there are also ways of keeping your home or business more protected from airborne pollutants. Here are five ways to combat these effects.

Keep Window Shades Shut: Glass alone is not a good insulator and it will not only seem hotter inside the home, it will be hotter as well if the window shades are not shut. Consider thicker blocking material for windows that are seldom used to reduce the heat inside even more. The more you can reduce the heat, the less your air conditioner has to work which means fewer indoor pollutants.

Open Windows at Night: This is one of the most common and best ways to clean out the air inside the home or office. By opening the windows up and turning on the fans during the coolest part of the day, which is usually the early morning hours, you can remove many of the airborne pollutants that have built up inside. Usually, fifteen minutes should be enough to do the job properly.

Keep Floors Clean: Mopping the floors and vacuuming the carpets will keep down the number of airborne pollutants in the home or office. Be sure to mop and vacuum on a regular basis and dust countertops as well.

Change Air Filters/Clean Air Conditioner: Proper air conditioner maintenance can help keep down the effects of indoor air pollution and keep your air conditioner running more smoothly with fewer breakdowns as well. All you need to do is set a regular schedule of changing out the air filter and AC service so that indoor air pollutants are removed. AC cleaning can also be performed to remove any condensation buildup, which may be a source of mold.

Clean Air Ducts: Dust, debris and even mold can build up in ducts over time. Regular duct cleaning can rid your home of these air pollutants.

You can schedule air conditioning service with AC companies in Dubai. They can also suggest ways of reducing indoor air pollution as well.