indoor air quality in dubai

AC Disinfection: The Job of an AC Cleaning Company in Dubai

indoor air quality in dubaiEver wondered that why do you feel lethargic without any motivation to work? Why does everyone frequently complain of dizziness, fatigue, headaches, breathing problems, allergies, nausea or various other health complications without any particular reason?

 Have you ever given a thought why all these complications happen? You are very much concerned about hygiene with regular mopping, cleaning and dusting, yet these types of ailments still exist. Most of the ailments that we come across in our daily lives are the result of poor and infected quality of indoor air that we breathe in.

A normal individual spends 90% of his time indoors and therefore it becomes very essential to maintain a proper indoor air quality (IAQ). Indoor air is often one of the most common causes that affect the health and productivity of an individual.

We all like to spend our time in an environment that is pleasant and free from humidity and air conditioners provide us the perfect solution. However what we fail to see is that air conditioners when not properly maintained, operated or installed can become a breeding ground for various molds and micro organisms. The dark and damp environment provided by air conditioners are the perfect growing grounds of molds and microbes. Any person inhaling the contaminated air can have serious consequences on his health. It therefore becomes highly essential for each organization and household to carry out a proper and regular AC cleaning regimen in order to get rid of the harmful contaminants from the air.

If every time when you switch on your air conditioning unit you are greeted with a blast of stale and damp smelling air, it suggests that your air conditioning unit is contaminated with mold growth and it is the time that you call an AC cleaning company in Dubai. By availing the professional AC duct cleaning services, you not only ensure a healthy environment for you and your loved ones, but also make sure that you have substantial energy savings.

Here are the benefits of AC Cleaning & disinfection –

  • Helps in removing harmful and disease causing bacteria, molds and other microbes.
  • Helps in removing stale and bad odor.
  • Improves the overall quality of air.
  • Helps in getting rid of dust, debris and dirt from the air conditioner.
  • Helps in maintaining a pure and healthy environment.
  • Helps in having substantial energy consumption.

Always remember that if there are impurities in the air conditioning unit, they are going directly in your lungs.

Air conditioners are the ideal breeding grounds for viruses and bacteria that thrive on humid and wet conditions. Despite the fact that air conditioners have become a necessity, most of the people overlook the fact that the air that we are inhaling can be full of harmful microorganisms that can have various ill effects on a person’s health. In order to provide a healthy living environment to you and your family, it becomes critical to regularly check your AC units for any type of contamination to breathe in an air that is free from dirt, dust, pollen, molds and smoke particles. Therefore, you should take AC Cleaning seriously if you want to stay healthy.