Why regular AC Duct Cleaning is important?

If you live in Dubai, you are probably aware that 80% of the time you are indoors in the comfort of an air conditioned room or office.  But with all the dust around this small Emirate blowing about, dust particles will eventually find its way through your AC System.


In just as short as 2 to 3 months, an air condition systems evaporator coil could be filled with dirt.  Because coils become moist with condensation, some dust particles will easily stick to its fins and eventually accumulate to clog the air passageways.  This will give way to the formation of moulds and other bacteria.


Most Duct cleaning company in Dubai promise complete AC and Duct cleaning, but did you know that it takes specialized equipment and personnel to actually do a complete AC and duct cleaning job? 

With each villa having at least 2 or 3 AC system for example, do you think a company that sends 3 people with a few vacuums and brushes will do the job?


Saniservice has highly trained technicians that are equipped with the latest in duct cleaning technology that does a complete no-nonsense job of duct cleaning.  You can expect at least 7 or more people working together seamlessly to dismantle clean and disinfect your whole system from the evaporator coils, to the drainage trays and pipes to the ducts.

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