Air Conditioning Issues: Mould Complaints

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With the current climate in Dubai, there’s no wonder why mould complaints in both domestic and commercial air conditioners is on the rise. The need to improve indoor air quality is people’s paramount concern.

There have been many instances when people have complained about the growth of mould in their air conditioners that began with the seasonal change. AC moulds are almost always allergy-causing and grow in ducts, vents and AC units. However, sadly enough, there are quite a number of AC devices and AC duct cleaning and disinfecting companies that do not succeed in rectifying this issue. In some cases, people complain that they receive little or no help at all from the AC cleaning company they contact.

There have been cases where people have complained about the growth of mould in their AC devices. To state a typical example, there have been times when people notice the growth of mould in their device and contact AC cleaning companies. However, the only solution provided to them by their AC cleaning companies was to set the thermostat of the unit to a temperature of 24°C and wait for the weather to change. They were told that the building lacked dehumidification systems and even thorough building maintenance would not help the situation.

In such cases, the major concern on people’s minds is that the growth of mould in their air conditioning device will trigger allergic reactions or asthma among the household members. This can especially prove to be very dangerous for children. In such extreme cases, doctors often advise families to move out. However, that is something not many people are willing to do. At times, some people are unable to afford it as well.

According to many indoor air quality professionals, this problem is increasingly becoming common in newly built buildings. Poor air conditioning designs and rushed constructions are generally the cause of this. This has left many modern buildings in Dubai incapable of dealing with harsh environmental conditions. But the good news is that many projects are incorporating the concept of green technology in designing buildings and air conditioning systems. This has greatly helped ensure the improvement of indoor air quality.

According to recent analytical results, experts suggest that the AC systems in about nine out of ten buildings have poor designs and are unable to withstand extremely moist air. Even when the air is chilled to around 20 degrees, the air still remains very moist. Such temperatures won’t stop mould from growing and will only worsen the situation.

Common types of allergy-causing moulds seen in buildings are Alternaria and Aspergillus. Inhaling mould contaminated air intensifies allergic problems, especially asthma. It affects the respiratory tract and causes staph infections and sinusitis. Another particularly common mould is Legionella pneumophila, which usually grows within the fittings and tanks of air conditioning systems.

When moulds begin to grow, they begin to breed and multiply into colonies throughout the system. They are then released into the surroundings, and eventually inhaled by the inhabitants of the building. This is why air conditioners require regular maintenance.

Make sure you have your air conditioner cleaned and disinfected regularly. Contact trustworthy and renowned companies that provide quality maintenance and air-conditioning cleaning in Dubai.