Why us?


We know AC Cleaning. Headquartered in Dubai, Saniservice is the first AC Cleaning & Disinfection Company to be recognized and registered for this industry. We have since then, set the bar in terms of quality and service, safe to say that we provide the A to Z of AC Cleaning.


Highly Trained

Saniservice Technicians are highly trained and certified. They are hand-picked from a pool of talented and passionate individuals motivated with a passion to serve.


Well Equipped

The Company is backed by the latest technology and managed through a central system to deliver an efficient and impeccable service.


Green and Eco Friendly

Saniservice takes its ecological responsibility seriously. They use 100% Chemical free bio-sanitizer developed in Switzerland.


Unparalleled Expertise

With more than 5000 clients served and 20,000 AC units cleaned in Dubai and the whole UAE, Saniservice has the expertise no other company can attain.

Nobody does AC cleaning and Duct Cleaning better than Saniservice. We uphold this standards in all our services. We are unlike any AC cleaning company you will find anywhere in the world. A service can take at least 4 technicians and a full days’ work – because we dismantle your whole unit, be it HVAC, FCU, AHU or FAHU, to clean and disinfect it. Making your AC system healthy for the next 2 years with only a minor quarterly service in between to prolong the need for another major service.

1. We schedule a


Our Indoor Air Quality Expert will visit your home along with an AC technician to check your system

  • On-time appointment.
  • iPad to explain our process.
  • Takes pictures of your system.
2. The Inspection


After the inspection, you will receive a quotation and comprehensive inspection report showing the actual state of your system.

  • Shows picture of the actual state of your system.
  • Explains how we will perform the cleaning and disinfection.
  • Give you an actual cost of the service.
3. The service


At the day of the service, our team arrives at your door step on time to prepare for the service.

  • Follows a strict preparation protocol.
  • Covers all your furniture.
  • Pays close attention to every details.
4. The


The then proceeds to dismantle your system to clean every single part including your ducts, evaporators, blower, drainage trays and pipes, filters, vents, etc.

  • Clean and Disinfect from A-Z.
  • Complete disassembly of your system.
  • Thorough cleaning of AC and Ducts.
5. The


Using our 100% bio-sanitizer from Switzerland, we disinfect each part that we cleaned, including your living spaces.

  • 100% Chemical Free.
  • High tech fogger to disinfect the whole place.
  • You can immediately enter the area after fogging.
6. Clean up and


After the service, our Team Leaders do a final Quality check and cleans up and restore everything better than when we first arrived!.

  • Strict quality check.
  • Clean up and remove covers.
  • Carefully restores everything back in place


More than 6000 clients satisfied! Over 20,000 AC units cleaned!
We were absolutely delighted on the service provided yesterday by your personnel. My wife commented specifically that all of your team were professional in approach, placed covers on everything that needed protection and, once the treatment process was completed, left everything clean.
Paul H. Dubai Marina
We just like to thank the entire team for their professionalism and great work. The guys took great care of our furniture and were mindful about the welfare of our cats. We were very impressed with the overall level of service and it has definitely exceeded our expectations.
Eva B., The Lakes
Thank you so much for the excellent work you provided in cleaning out the A/C units in the apartment. These service was quick, increadibly thorough and when everyone had gone, the apartment was spotless which was an added bonus!
Nathalie R., Downtown
I just wanted to write and thank you and your team for the excellent service. From the moment I walked into the apartment after your team cleaned our air conditioners / air duct and rooms, I could feel the difference. My sons breathing has improved overnight, he no longer coughs after I put him to bed, and his nose has almost stopped running.
Lizzy W., Dubai Marina
I have been impressed by the professionalism of your team, they were absolutely outstanding, and they perform a perfect job. Definitely I will recommend your services to my friends and colleagues (which already did) because I truly believe is worth every singel dirham.
Alberto B., Dubai
First of all I would like to thank you and your team for such a prompt and effective service! We are all very impressed with the speed of response and the prefessionalism and effectiveness of every one of the SaniService team. The house looked impeccable yesterday after the team had left and throughout the day everyone was very professional, helpful and friendly.
Ron J, Abu Dhabii


Top companies in the UAE choose Saniservice for Indoor Air Quality Management


Saniservice is composed of young talented individuals who are driven with the same passion to deliver an unparalleled experience in AC Duct Cleaning. Give us a call, we are always online 24/7 to take your concerns.


A clean and healthy indoor air that you can actually feel.

Your family and loved ones are of utmost importance to Saniservice. We understand that when it comes to your health, there are no shortcuts -- there are no compromise. This is the driving force behind our company. To deliver the highest level of service in terms of the cleaning and disinfection of your AC system, but moreover, deliver it to you with the standards and professionalism that you would expect when someone deals with your family's health.

Saniservice - The Swiss Concept of Disinfection



You can reach us 24/7 for any concerns.


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