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AC Duct Cleaning in Dubai and the U.A.E.

Dubai AC Cleaning in Dubai and the UAE

Saniservice does not only offer AC duct Cleaning in Dubai, but more importantly Disinfection. What most people do not realize, specially when they buy or rent our a new Villa is that they are at risk of contracting a lot of common allergies. This is because when these Villas are constructed, the ducts are already in place when the final interiors are placed. These means that between the construction phase and the initial occupation of the property, dust and other allergens would have initially settled in the ducts. These includes construction related foreign materials that are easily introduced when air is blown through the ducts.

Older Villas on the other hand have an elevated risk in terms of inhaling spores from moulds or molds that have settled in the ducts as not a lot of ac duct cleaning companies in Dubai can or have the capacity to reach the deepest crevices of AC ducts. The duct lining which may have previously been dampened due to the condensation of water. This would have increased or inhibited the growth of moulds that can be blown through your AC ducts all the way to your lungs.

This is why Saniservice came up with a unique solution that will make sure the indoor air quality in your home is free from these airborne allergens that can threaten the health of your employees and family members.

So if you are looking for a professional AC Duct Cleaning Company in Dubai or anywhere in the U.A.E., think SANISERVICE. Our years of experience in AC Cleaning and Disinfection makes us the most trusted AC Duct Cleaning Company in Dubai today.

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While most people are concerned about keeping the heat outside, they often do not consider the dangers of keeping the trapped air inside with them. The quality of the air indoors has a direct effect on the health of you and everyone else who is inside.

Testing the air indoors can not only detect, but prevent many serious issues from arising inside your home or office building. There are plenty of reasons why you should conduct regular testing of indoor air quality, but here are the five main ones that can cause serious health risks.

The leading sources of household pollution around the world are gases and particles from combustive materials. In fact, roughly 4 million people each year are killed by their cook stoves which emit pollutants which can kill when built up inside the home. Such indoor pollutants include carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter. Carbon monoxide is the most dangerous as it is odorless and colorless. If your residence is vulnerable to carbon monoxide, then you will want to install CO meters in your home.
ac cleaning UAE.

Radon is often cites as being the second most common cause of lung cancer. Radon is a naturally occurring gas that is odorless and colorless, but it dissipates in the outdoor air becoming harmless. However, when trapped inside radon can build up over time to become dangerous to everyone in the household. Radon testing is recommended if your home is sealed up most of the time from the outdoors. Clean up adon trave with
ac cleaning UAE.

Harmful Organic Compounds
Harmful or volatile organic compounds include paints, glue, and printers and even shower curtains. This is because they have a low boiling point which results in a great deal of vapor being released inside the home. You may feel a little nausea or headaches as a result, but in more serious cases these compound can cause brain damage and cancer. Keeping your home clean of volatile organic compounds from becoming a threat to your home.

Mold and Mildew
Mold and mildew are seemingly harmless when they begin, but left unchecked and they can not only affect your health, but damage your home as well. Exposure to mold and mildew can cause allergic reactions, induce asthma attacks and in extreme cases release toxic gases inside the household. Combating mold and mildew is relatively simple, identify areas in the home where moisture can settle and eliminate them. Cleaning kitchens and bathroom, reducing condensation and sealing up roofs and walls to keep moisture out can help prevent mold and mildew from building up inside your home.

Dust & Dander
If you have pets, then you probably have pet dander in the home. Regular cleaning will keep the dust and dander problem to a minimum. Be sure to clean where your pet likes to sleep or lay down and this will greatly reduce dander problems. Remove allergens by
ac cleaning UAE.

Proper AC service and air conditioner cleaning can also help reduce indoor air pollutants as well. Contact one of the reputable AC companies in Dubai to schedule air conditioning service. The more proactive you are in A/C cleaning and duct cleaning, the fewer indoor air pollutants there will be in your home or office.  


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